Anacondas: Trail of Blood


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmIsPwn 4 / 10 / 10

Can an Anaconda jump the shark? Yes!

Anacondas: Trail of Blood takes place in the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe, though it looks suspiciously similar to my parents' backyard. I never noticed a film crew back there, but I wasn't over every day, so I can neither confirm nor deny that Anacondas: Trail of Blood was filmed in residential Matthews, NC, but let's start that rumor anyway, okay? The plot involves a crackpot doctor who is cultivating the mythical blood orchid in a isolated shack where he experiments with snakes. The doc's magic blood orchid serum is capable of making snakes grow exponentially and cure cancer, which is why eccentric billionaire John Rhys-Davies, mere days from dying from bone cancer, finances him. The doc is sadly the first victim of his pet anaconda when it breaks loose, and the rampage begins. Shortly thereafter, a myriad of disparate stories descend on the poor Carpathian Mountains, which never did anything to anyone. First there's the team of mercenaries sent to retrieve the serum at all costs. Second there's a team of paleontologists going to the area to check on another team that went missing. Third, there's a hiker kid who looks like a younger version of Owen Wilson, without all the muscle mass and machismo that Mr. Wilson brings to the screen, who is in the area visiting his grandmother. Mini-Wilson runs into the fourth set of characters, a team led by the heroine from the previous Anacondas, Amanda (Crystal Allen) who is allegedly trying to destroy the magic blood orchid juice to redeem herself from her sins in the last movie. I honestly don't remember the movie well enough to be sure of what those sins were, but I do recall she killed David Hasselhoff's character, which is inarguably a sin deserving proper penance. Amanda must say three hail marys and appear in five more Sci-Fi Channel original movies. For the duration of the film, characters manage to successfully outrun the hundred foot snakes. Yet, for some reason, two characters make noble sacrifices to delay a rampaging anaconda for their comrades. Though it is possible the snake was just being sporting, because in the thrilling conclusion an anaconda is able to outpace a CAR. One locale that plays an important rule in the skulduggery is an abandoned mine shaft lined with fully functioning and operational lightbulbs, though the characters sneaking inside it feel compelled to wave flashlights around anyway. I remind you this is in the middle of the remote reaches of the mountains in Easter Europe where there is no town or discernible source of electricity. This is impressive to me because in my townhouse right now there are two lightbulbs that are out, which I simply haven't gotten around to. Perhaps if General Electric made lightbulbs half as efficient as Acme's Carpathian Mountains Lightbulb Co. -- that run eternally without electricity -- they wouldn't be in the dire straights they're in. Bottom line: This is one of those so-bad-it's good movies. Daniel J. Roos

Reviewed by Platypuschow 1 / 10 / 10

Anacondas 4 Trail of Blood: Hopefully the last

Anaconda went from Hollywood blockbuster to Hollywood B-movie to Scyfy channel garbage and this 4th outing is most definetly the latter. To its credit it follows on from part 3 pretty well, though considering the two movies were filmed back to back this isn't all too shocking a fact. Once again our Dr.Amanda Hayes is involved the anaconda/blood orchid lacklustre adventure though now we've lost the "Hoff" and gained the underrated though a tad hammy Linden Ashby. The sfx are even worse than the previous movie but thankfully everything else is better, marginally better anyway. The excellent John Rhys Davies also returns but yet again has a tiny role. Why have the best actor in the smallest role? Heartbreaking, truly. Though the Anaconda franchise seems to have merged with Lake Placid I'm hoping this is the end of the solo movies, they're simply not entertaining at this stage and the franchise has been milked far enough. One for big fans of the franchise who don't care about just how far the quality has dipped. The Good: Carries on from the previous movie well The Bad: Really poor cgi Plot is really generic Things I Learnt From This Movie: Someone really needs to have a word with the creators about the anacondas teeth An oddly large number of people seem to want to be eaten by giant snakes, who knew?

Reviewed by j-cherry-630-782328 1 / 10 / 10

this anaconda should be in the Olympics!!!!

seriously though, it should, after all its no mean feat for a limbless reptile to out run a jeep! because in this pathetic excuse of a movie that is exactly what happens! the anaconda also seemed to have an in built sensor to detect dumb humans since where ever they are..the snake just magically turns up to wreak havoc. and to top it off the "anaconda" doesn't even look like one,has the director not seen the 1st two films? or at least googled an anaconda before making this film? evidently not! add that to an appalling script, bad editing,boring and underdeveloped characters,rubbish CGI and virtually no story and you have..well..Anaconda 4!! what was really hilarious though were the death scenes..o my gosh! the reaction of trained assassins when confronted with a 90ft snake is to shoot into the air(even though the snake is about 3ft away) and scream..then die,since killing the damn thing would have been too clever. what i also do not understand is how every character can "hear" the snake arriving at some point in the film even though no sound is audible on screen and see the snake and do nothing about it! so overall this film was a great let down, an embarrassing pile of trash that fails by far to emulate the excellent first two movies. frankly counting each blade of grass on my lawn would have been more exciting than this film

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