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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awesomeawesome-28681 10 / 10 / 10

Feels like an 80s kids film, in a good way.

I'm fascinated by the many rumors of Anastasia, and although this is fantasy, I liked where it took the legend of her, especially the reveal at the end. Lots of heart and shot beautifully by one of the greatest DPs of all time, with visual hints of his work like Back to the Future and Hook. Music is wonderful too. It's not a big budget film but doesn't have to be for this take to work. In an age where there seems to be very little indie family/kids films, I'm glad this one found a home. It felt like an 80s film to me and my family, in a good way.

Reviewed by lovefilm-07030 1 / 10 / 10


My girls loved this movie. It was incredibly magical. Definitely something for the younger crowd, but lots of 80s nostalgia and wonder for the parents. It's a reimagining of the legend of the lost Princess Anastasia, and focuses on the hope behind it. Would recommend.

Reviewed by christineleung-31578 1 / 10 / 10

Worst film I've seen for nearly a decade

This is truly awful. Mix of attempts and non attempts for accents, really bad acting, graphics are horrendous especially for todays technology, The budget must have been so low... the random guy in the confusing suit looks like they slapped some felt onto his head. They didn't even try to make it the same colour. Some sound effects are incorrectly timed. Music is also too loud at times to hear people talk. I would go on but it would just cause more wasted time and I feel it's taken enough of that from me. One of those which is so bad you can't stop watching just to see if any talent kicks in.

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