Angel on My Shoulder


Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

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Anne Baxter as Barbara Foster
Claude Rains as Nick
Georgie Nokes as Boy at Political Rally
Noble Johnson as Trustee in Hell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

Entertaining and awfully funny

Paul Muni plays a gangster who is murdered towards the very beginning of the story and is sent to Hell. This gangster seems an awful lot like his character from the movie SCARFACE (1932) and although Muni's acting is far from subtle, it is very entertaining. The Devil is also entertained by how awful the man is--especially since this evil deceased gangster looks just like a nice judge who he wants to discredit. Lucifer lets Muni out of Hell and gives him the judges body--and Muni being such a dumb mug never realizes that it's the Devil helping him or that he was even in Hell!! This seems like a big stretch, but considering the movie IS a fantasy, it can be forgiven. This plan all backfires, though, when Muni unintentionally does good as the judge and the Devil is less than amused. The acting by Muni, as I said before, is pretty broad. However, Claude Rains is wonderful as a much more subtle Devil--one of the better ones Hollywood created--probably second to Laird Crager's version in HEAVEN CAN WAIT. All in all, this movie is just a lot of fun and has quite a few laughs as well. While not great theology, it's immensely entertaining.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Mr. Jordan Goes To The Dark Side

The comparisons for Angel On My Shoulder and Here Comes Mr. Jordan are too obvious to belabor the point. Naturally since the same guy, Harry Segall wrote both screenplays. But in this one Claude Rains goes to the dark side. As Mephistopheles he's ruler of the underworld where the damned toil at their labors for eternity. But even Rains gets quite a handful when Paul Muni makes a sudden trip their courtesy of Hardie Albright. This part of the story is taken right out the plot of Angels With Dirty Faces. You remember that James Cagney took a hiatus from the rackets via a stretch in Sing Sing. When he came back he expected to resume where he left off, but Humphrey Bogart didn't see it that way. But Hardie Albright must have seen Angels With Dirty Faces because he plugs Paul Muni with four shots after picking him up at the prison gate. When Muni arrives in Hell he's only got one thing on his mind, crashing out and getting his former pal. Seeing a resemblance to a respected judge who he's trying to ensnare in sin or disgrace, Rains decides to let Muni out on parole so to speak. Of course he goes with him. When Muni enters the judge's body courtesy of Rains, Rains expects him to just behave in his usual hoodlum manner and disgrace the judge. But somehow the best laid plans of the devil keep getting gummed up. And Muni finds himself falling for the judge's fiancée, Anne Baxter and slowly changing his ways. Angel On My Shoulder was a charming fantasy that marked only the second time Muni returned to a gangster role other than his famous Scarface portrayal. While he was at Warner Brothers Muni rejected gangster parts over and over again. According to his co-star Anne Baxter, Muni was hoping to revive his career with this one. It was not to be. Muni returned to the stage after this film except for two films in the Fifties. Best in this film without a doubt is Claude Rains. Then again he's never bad in anything. If you liked him in Here Comes Mr. Jordan you will equally like him on the dark side. Angel On My Shoulder is an entertaining fantasy, but far from the work Paul Muni did in the Thirties.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10 / 10


ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER is one of those fantastical devilish comedies of the 1940s, similar to many similar titles from the decade. Gangster star Paul Muni plays a thoroughly bad egg who dies and goes to Hell, where he meets the devil (an inspired bit of casting in the form of Claude Rains). Muni ends up back on Earth as a kindly judge, and must seek to make amends. There's a heavily moralistic edge to the tale, while the humour has dated somewhat, making it very much a product of its era.

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