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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10 / 10

Actually turned out to be rather nice...

While I am not really overly familiar with the details about the life that Anna Nicole Smith was living, then I will say that the movie "Anna Nicole" actually managed to put together a rather nicely told story. But whether how true the movie is to the actual story of Anna Nicole Smith, I have no clue. Agnes Bruckner really carried this movie nicely, and did a great job in portraying the iconic and legendary model Anna Nicole Smith. No sense in going into details about the storyline here, as it is a filmed biography of sorts about Anna Nicole Smith. Of course this movie is mostly appealing to those who were fan of Anna Nicole (or those who still are), but still, for someone impartial then it provided good enough entertainment, just don't expect to be blown away. I will say that the performances were generally good all round, and people did contribute well to the movie and their respective characters. Anna Nicole Smith's story is an interesting one, actually. How a person can go from being a person from a small place and end up being known world wide, but also showing the bad things that comes along with the burden of fame. For that, I think that the movie "Anna Nicole" deserves to be watched just once at least.

Reviewed by cinemaniac2002 4 / 10 / 10

Mildly Entertaining

TV biopics rarely have the sort of depth that a feature has. I was looking forward to this one because I've always admired and enjoyed Director Mary Harron's work. But not even a really good cast and director could make this film any deeper than its subject matter. In all fairness, there wasn't that much to say without speculating -- which wasn't really the purpose of the film. Fresh on the heels of the amazing HBO documentary called "Love, Marilyn," I was anxious to see how Anna Nicole's story would unfold, given that Marilyn Monroe was such an obvious inspiration for Anna Nicole. Certainly, if anyone in this century embodied sex appeal in some of the same ways as Marilyn, it would be Anna. However, unlike Marilyn - there was really never any attempt apparent that she took acting very seriously as Marilyn did. I'd be interested to know how much Lifetime producers may have interfered with the production of Anna Nicole because that would be a sure indicator of a less than stellar production to follow. I wasn't expecting all that much, given the subject matter - but I was at least expecting a more enlightening rendering of it. It's not bad enough not to see -- but it was nothing that merits seeing again, for sure.

Reviewed by utgard14 4 / 10 / 10

Agnes Bruckner In Tepid TV Bio

Agnes Brucker is beautiful. More beautiful than Anna Nicole for sure. The prosthetic breasts they add on to her are actually quite good and convincing. I was pretty impressed by that. Agnes' performance here can be measured a couple of different ways: was it good on its own merits and does it pass the George C. Scott test? If you take out the "playing a real person" aspect, her performance was perfectly adequate for your average Lifetime drivel. But if you judge her by whether she accurately captured Anna Nicole, then no she did not. She seemed more often than not like a caricature. Not that Anna Nicole was anything deeper than what we saw. I highly doubt she was. Still, people are people and even the likes of the Kardashians or Anna Nicole Smith don't act off camera like they do on. So when you're portraying a person like that and you're playing them based solely on stuff you've seen on camera (including interviews), you're not going to have a fully formed idea of who they were. Anyway, the movie is not very good. The gimmick where her older/younger self appears to her is cheesy and laugh-inducing. I think doing a bio for a woman famous for taking her clothes off is kind of hard to do on a network where you can't show nudity. Perhaps an R rated movie would have at least had more cheesecake to admire. Anyway, if you're a fan of Agnes Bruckner, check it out. She's in every scene and most of the time wearing very little.

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