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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10 / 10

He's no Diabolik, but he's still one cool action hero.

This DVD does not have captions of any sort and has been dubbed into English. The print is also very grainy and the DVD extras aren't particularly inspiring. So, despite all these flaws, I still was looking forward to seeing the film because it is so similar to another Italian film from the same era that I loved, DIABOLIK. Unfortunately, while an enjoyable little film, it really came up short against DIABOLIK--probably because DIABOLIK had those great Mario Bava touches. Much of it is because Argoman looked much cheaper--like he was a low-budget cousin of Diabolik. His secret lair was nice but nothing like Diabolik's cave, his costume was pretty goofy and the film just lacked all the cool little touches of DIABOLIK. Now this doesn't mean it's not worth seeing--it's just isn't quite as good. Argoman is a superhero who seems to be willing to stretch the law or work for various sides, though he is not evil or completely amoral (like Diabolik)--but he's also not some goody-goody like Superman. The beginning of the film shows him helping out the Russians, later he's working with the Brits and French. His shtick is telekinesis and other mental powers. He can move objects or people or use his will to make others do what he wishes, such as at the beginning of the film when he willed the firing squad not to shoot him but each other! Cool trick, huh? And, much of the time he's doing this he's wearing a weird yellow superhero costume with an odd hood. The villain in this film is a megalomaniacal lady who calls herself "Queen of the World" (wow--now THAT'S an ego!). When they first meet, however, neither is in the form of their alter-egos. He's at his lair and she goes zipping by in her hovercraft. His mental powers tell him there's a hot lady on board and so he forces her to land on his island. There, he wines and dines her and gets some nookie before she ultimately leaves. Only later does he deduce that she is a villain--not just a lady with a hot body and loose morals! Unfortunately, during his crusade to stop the very hot Queen of the World, an evil double-dealing British official is killed and Argoman is blamed. So, later in the film he's undercover--trying to capture the bad folks with absolutely no help from the authorities! Oddly, however, when Argoman finds her lair, he mostly punches and kicks people and looks like a Batman wannabe. Why he doesn't use those amazing powers to have the villains kill each other is beyond me--it worked great earlier in the film! Only when the hot lady (now wearing a goofy tin-foil hat) attacks him does he resort to his great brain powers--though the lady turns out to be one of many doubles! Can he find the real Queen of the World and stop her before she takes over the planet? Tune in and see for yourself. Overall, the film is great campy fun but cannot possibly be enjoyed unless the viewer has a love of kitsch and finds the whole thing rather funny. Serious folks who only like "sophisticated" fare probably won't be impressed...this is NOW Shakespeare!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10 / 10

Superhero spoof is the definition of cult

Following in the footsteps of the two bizarre superhero spoof SUPERARGO movies made in Italy comes this even weirder amalgamation of superhero and spy genres which really does have to be seen to be believed. Incredibly, THE FANTASTIC ARGOMAN is supposed to be a spoof of the SUPERARGO films, which themselves were spoofs in the first place. That makes this film a spoof of a spoof. So, it's best to go in expecting a comedy, because this slice of high-camp adventure is anything but realistic or serious. For lovers of tack and bad fashions, THE FANTASTIC ARGOMAN is a must-see. The glitzy '60s costumes that the villainess wears have to be seen in their own right, while the bad guys seem to favour PVC as their material of choice. Meanwhile, Argoman's yellow spandex suit (he looks a bit like BATMAN, except with a red visor) is simply hideous to behold, and makes him look like a total prat! The film is very colourful (gaudy in places) with lots of cheap and cheerful sets, especially the villain's lair which has lots of odd metal triangles sticking out of the walls and bizarre pseudo-science equipment. And the less said about the acting the better, although Roger Browne appears to be cheerfully sending himself up and the dubbers give it their all with a range of over-the-top accents to complement the insane dialogue (such as "your instincts are diabolical!"). Although there isn't a whole lot of action in the film, the fight scenes are quite spectacular with lots of prop breaking, and there's a memorable train stunt with Argoman running along the top of a speeding locomotive as it careers out of control. One scene has a scantily-clad woman being menaced by a very fake-looking cardboard robot and makes the film worthwhile just for that one classic moment. The final bout between Argoman and the bad guys is very thrilling and contains an unforgettably cheesy moment of a guy being electrocuted by a really-fake looking electrical wave. Amusingly, Argoman is a rather trigger-happy hero who doesn't think twice about shooting and stabbing the (female) villain whenever necessary. This bizarre aspect gives the movie a harder edge and drags Argoman's psychology into question; if you weigh up all the evidence he seems to be more of a cold-blooded, womanising brute out for himself, rather than a good-natured superhero who goes around righting wrongs! Just another interesting aspect of a very bad movie which should be required viewing for all cult genre fans as possibly the craziest superhero movie out there.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 / 10 / 10

Loveable junk

Sergio Grieco must have been bored making the Agent 077 movies, because he went absolutely insane putting this film together. This is a mix of the craziest parts of the fumetti neri and Eurospy films, never completely serious yet never getting so campy that you lose interest. It's absolute fun and worth watching to take your mind off our increasingly crazier world. We start in China, where Argoman is about to be executed. Instead, he uses his mental powers to make the firing squad kill one another. Yes, Argoman has no respect for human life and even less for where he makes his money. He takes a jeweled box as payment from the Russians. Another job got him the Mona Lisa that is in his secret base. Argoman is suspected of stealing London's crown jewels. But there are bigger things on his mind, like who should he sleep with: Samantha or Regina (Dominique Boschero, All the Colors of the Dark). His manservant Chandra (Eduardo Fajardo, Lisa and the Devil) has really big worries: any time that Argoman gets his banana peeled, he loses his powers for six hours. It turns out that Regina is really Jenabell, Queen of the World, a super villainess that Argoman can track through his special radioactive cigarettes. Yes, just plain lung cancer wasn't enough for our hero. All manner of hijinks ensue, including cloned world leaders plummeting to their deaths, glowing lipstick and Argoman murdering every clone of Regina that comes his way before blowing up her plane and taking the crown jewels for himself. Jenabell gets major credit here for outfits that progressively get weirder, intricate hats that totally complete her ensembles and for having the most archaic robot I've seen in a Eurospy film.

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