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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10 / 10

Pretty good for what it is, but needed half an hour removing to be truly great

ARIZONA COLT is a fine-looking spaghetti western made during the big boom of the genre and at a time when the films had the budgets to make them look good. This does look very good and I was more than happy with Amazon Prime's print which is of a far better quality than most of the spaghetti westerns they show. This film features Giuliano Gemma as a delightfully amoral gunslinger who rescues a group of prisoners only to fall out with them over their subsequent plans. Gemma is a guy who's only in the game for the money and the women and I liked the edge to his character here. He was one of the genre's most familiar faces and there's little to dislike about him overall in this film. Fernando Sancho does another larger than life villain and is loud and boisterous which fits his character nicely. The story was written by the reliable Ernesto Gastaldi and directed by genre director Michele Lupo, who made interesting titles like GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BABYLON, BUDDY GOES WEST, and THE WEEKEND MURDERS over his varied career. The main problem with ARIZONA COLT is the running time, which at two hours is just too long. There's too much foot-dragging here and thus some of the scenes start to feel more than a little repetitive and forced. After all, there are only so many gun fights and bar-room showdowns that you can fit into the running time. Cut half an hour off the running time and this would have been much more fun.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 4 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable and acceptable Pasta Western starred by two great Spaghetti stars , Giuliano Gemma , Fernando Sancho , and shot in Almería , as usual

This is an entertaining , engaging Western crammed of shoot'em up , noisy action , fist-fights, punches , kicks, and overwhelming stunt-work . It concerns a heinous outlaw called Torrez Gordo : Fernando Sancho, frees a band of inmates , forcíng them to join his bunch , among them is Arizona Colt : Giuliano Gemma , who declines to do it . Meanwhile , bandit Gordo is scheming a bank heist with his henchmen : Nello Pazzafini , José Luis Martín . Along the way Arizona Colt meets an old drunk , Double Whiskey : Roberto Camardiel , and both of whom head for Blackstone Hill town . When one of Gordo' s hoodlums kills a saloon girl : Rosalba Neri , then Arizona seeks justice and offers to hunt down the murderer for a reward of five hundred dollars and to get the Dolores' sister , Jane : Corínne Marchand . As Arizona and Double Whiskey set out in pursuit the true guilty and later on , they have to confront the villain Gordo . At the ending takes place the thrilling showdown in moving style and under enjoyable musical score backdrop .There was no law, there was no order , there was just The Man From Nowhere . Arizona was his name , Colt was his game. For a dollar earned a Bullet was fired. This Ravioli Western packs ruthless roles , thrills , shootouts , quick-fire , violence , high body count and some hilarious moments thanks to Fernando Sancho character . The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times , but frenetic fight-sequences make up for it .This is a decent and passable movie with usual ingredients , there is a nice implementation of shots in the camera work during some particular scenes as the movie approaches its climax , as an amusing gimmick at the ending when our sympathetic protagonist : Gemma faces off the nasty Fernando Sancho. Gemma is pretty well as a good-looking gunslinger . Giuliano is top-notch as one army man taking on a group of bandits and as always he makes his own stunts with sympathetic touches , as usual . Gemma along with Anthony Steffen, George Hilton ,Gianni Garco, turns out to be one of the greatest stars of the Spaghetti Western . In his first Westerns he often used the peculiar name Montgomery Wood, posing as an American actor . His biggest hit was A Pistol For Ringo , following a sequel titled The Return Of Ringo , and others as Adios Gringo , Arizona Colt , The Price of Power, Day of Anger and later, the twilight western : California and his last one : Tex . But he also played other genres as Peplum: The Titans , Thrillers : Master Touch , Wartime : Young Lions . And he perfomed roles in prestigious films as Il Gatopard , Desert of Tartars , and Il Prefecto Di Ferro . Here appears some familiar secondary faces from Spaghetti or Paella Western , as Spanish actors : Roberto Camardiel as likeable co-starring , Jose Luis Martin, Alvaro De Luna , Jose Orjas , as Italian players as Andrea Bosic , Rosalba Neri , Nello Pazzafin i, Mirko Ellis, Tom Felleghy , Riccardo Pizzuti, , John Bartha , Jeff Cameron , among others . It is followed by a sequel : ¨Arizona returns¨ or ¨Arizona lets fly and kill everybody¨ 1970 by Sergio Martino , replacing Gemma by Anthony Steffen along with Roberto Camardiel , Rosalba Neri again . And special mention for the always great Fernando Sancho in his ordinary role as a swanky , boastful Mexican bandit and stealing the show , as always . Good production design and art design by Petrarca , creating adequate scenarios with luminous outdoors , rocky mountains and deserts from Almería , Spain , well photographed by Guglielmo Mancori and also filmed in Cinecitta studios , Rome Lacio , Italy . Agreeable and long-standing musical score , containing an attractive and charming leitmotif from Francesco De Massi. This Spaghetti was compellingly directed by Michele Lupo who made all kinds of genres. Lupo made various Bud Spencer vehícles as Bulldozer, The supersheriff , ET and the supersheriff , and Buddy go west . Lupo directed Giuliano Gemma , his fetish actor , in several films as Master Touch with Kirk Douglas , this Arizona Colt , and California with William Berger . Rating 6,5/10. Essential and fundamental seeing for Giuliano Gemma fans . Better than average western .

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 4 / 10 / 10

THE MAN FROM NOWHERE (Michele Lupo, 1966) **

This is the eighth Spaghetti Western I've watched starring Giuliano Gemma - the others had been A PISTOL FOR RINGO (1965), THE RETURN OF RINGO (1965), FORT YUMA GOLD (1966), DAY OF ANGER (1967), A SKY FULL OF STARS FOR A ROOF (1968), THE PRICE OF POWER (1969) and SILVER SADDLE (1978). All of them are superior to THE MAN FROM NOWHERE - which turned out to be a sub-standard example of the genre and, though not an intentional parody, is so clichéd as to seem that way! Incidentally, the U.S. title is quite stupid since the main character (named Arizona Colt - also the film's original title) explicitly states he is named after the state he hails from!! Fernando Sancho (again) is the trigger-happy chief villain; among his ragged outlaw gang is a drunkard Mickey Shaughnessy type who, unsurprisingly, befriends the hero - while favorite Euro-Cult starlet Rosalba Neri appears as a saloon-hostess, though she's killed off almost immediately! The film is stretched to a length of almost two hours for no very good reason which, with a none-too-exciting plot line at its centre (concocted by the ubiquitous Ernesto Gastaldi), quickly becomes tedious; even so, it does work its way to a good climax (with the hero utilizing a fake pair of hands to divert his adversary's attention, followed by a shoot-out in semi-darkness inside a funeral parlor). The Wild East DVD I watched was extremely poor, which certainly didn't help my involvement in the film any: first off, the English dubbing is horrendous (Gemma's character is saddled with a ludicrous Southern accent); the muddy print - presented in a masked 1.85:1 ratio so as to simulate the original 2.35:1 Techniscope format! - features a number of jarring jump-cuts (indicating missing or damaged frames and suggesting, somewhat distressingly, that the film's supposed to be even longer than it already is) and, during one early instance, even falls several generations below the already unsatisfying standard on display. For the record, THE MAN FROM NOWHERE had a follow-up in ARIZONA COLT, HIRED GUN (1970) - with a different actor in the lead (Anthony Steffen), it's mainly notable for being Sergio Martino's debut film.

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