Army of the Dead


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 2


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Huma Qureshi as Pushpa Pandey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ioneebrijanareid 3 / 10 / 10

Where is Geeta?

No seriously. Watch the whole movie. Then ask yourself, where is Geeta?

Reviewed by deepkumar-spider 3 / 10 / 10

Why was the Daughter character created in the first place?!

The Girl who plays the daughter of Dave does nothing, She probably deserved to die first, & what's with her connection with the random lady called Geetha?! She let her team in danger for some random lady and at the end she didn't even rescue her, What a piece of garbage this movie was for saving the girl who was hated by most of the audience...

Reviewed by erik-29-381626 3 / 10 / 10

Things we learned from Army of the Dead :D

I miss these lists, they were fun! This movie was somewhat entertaining but also (and mostly) annoying: Spoilers, and in random order, enjoy: 1: A leader zombie on top of a tall building, can look at a helicopter flying away, then give it 1 mile head start, go down to ground level, and still out run the helicopter on his dead horse. 2: The more people talk about a nuke coming, and time running out, the more relaxed they will feel and the slower they will move. 3: If a nuke is on the way and a helicopter comes to rescue you, you must still wait for the pilot to deliver a speech and give you permission to get on board, before moving at all. 4: A piece of make shift metal for a helmet will act as a magnet for all bullets aimed at that person, and will never even have a mark on it, after 10+ hits. 5: A woman who says she has a plan, while holding a zombie head, will keep staring at the helicopter taking off, probably because she remembered she didn't really have a plan. 6: The Military generally needs their orders given 2-3 times before reacting, and they will then react very slowly and with seemingly no training. 7: Having dark skin protects you from massive nuclear radiation in the same way it protects you better from the UV rays from the sun, compared to a very pale person. 8: A young woman with no military training will have trouble shooting a zombie in the head at point blank range but can hit 8 running zombies in the head with 8 bullets, from a distance. 9: A movie can last 2½ hours and still have very little character development. 10: People will call a young man "a kid" and make fun of him, because he's the nerdy safe cracker, in spite him having huge biceps and broad shoulders, like we know all nerds generally have in real life. 11: Noone will question why a billionaire wants a team to retrieve pocket cash for him. 12: A random woman is important to save, except if she gets on a helicopter, then we don't even have to see if she survives or not. 13: If a billionaire wants a live zombie head for himself, he won't just send a few hunters with a net to retrieve the first zombie they encounter, he will send an entire oblivious team with a mole in it, with a bank heist cover, and hope his mole can come through, because that's more fun, and the first option is too simple. 14: If 2 people on an elevator sees Zombies when the doors open, they will freeze up completely, because who expects to run into zombies in a city crawling with zombies? 15: Custom made hand grenades become fire balls when they explode.

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