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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thrill_KillZ 5 / 10 / 10

Different & dramatic, a big switch from Winstones previous films.

This is a film that isn't going to be what many viewers had in mind. You will not get your typical Ray Winstone film here, not in any form you've seen him in his prior roles. It's a tale of a son who has lost contact with his father for some time & begins to search him out. The film almost immediately starts with this goal being achieved, finding his Alzheimer ridden father at a nearby mental hospital in vary poor shape prone to very violent outbursts & unpredictability. The son is quick to break him out knowing full well it's not a good idea and leaves it's audience weary of his overall motives. There is much confusion and zero comedy as just keeping the son's father in tow is a serious problem. As the third act begins a twist is laid out bringing new life to a very depressing mood. It's well acted & filmed so no problems in that area, but I stand to believe many will find this not to be a very pleasing watch. It is listed correctly as a drama although I was kind of hoping for more action. There is a small dose towards the end. I would recommend this, but only to those that are aiming for a story driven drama which brings me to the rating of 5/10

Reviewed by Prismark10 7 / 10 / 10

The man of the past

The biggest problem with Ashes is the casting of Ray Winstone. He plays Frank an advanced Alzheimer's sufferer stuck in a nursing home. He was once a hard man, a type of person Winstone has been playing since the late 1970s. One day his son James (Jim Sturgess) comes to visit him in the nursing home and then for some inexplicable reason takes him away. It has to be more than the nursing home being not that good. As Jim drives away with Frank, an haphazard road journey shifts the film into a different direction. Jim has been forced into his actions and he is not Frank's son. JB (Luke Evans) is actually Frank's son and seems to behind all this. Somewhere among Frank's erratic behaviour and violent outbursts, he remembers the person he once was, a nasty man, a wife beater something that affected JB so much that he has taken a drastic step. Ashes is a flat inert and incomprehensible film. It becomes a dark thriller in its second half, the slow reveal as Frank during more lucid moments remembers what he did all those years ago comes as no surprise because of the casting. I even guessed that James was not his son. It does beg the question who put Frank in the nursing home and whose details they had for his next of kin?

Reviewed by MattyGibbs 7 / 10 / 10

Excellent drama-thriller about Alzheimer's

This is an unusual film that straddles a few genres. It's filmed on a relatively small budget but as so often is the case outperforms films with much higher budget. Ray Winstone is an interesting and charismatic actor and he does a great job in this as a man suffering from the crippling effects of Alzheimer's. Jim Sturgess provides excellent support as his seemingly concerned son. The film can get quite confusing as it switches from drama to thriller and back again but this is to be applauded. You never quite know where it is heading and that makes a pleasant change from many predictable films in these genres. There are moments of real emotion and some nice twists of plot. This is a well directed and acted British film and is highly recommended.

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