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Catherine Steadman as Claire Harmann
Damson Idris as Lieutenant Thomas Harp
Darwin Shaw as Hani
Frank Dillane as Alex Harmann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lollipopmkb 1 / 10 / 10

A disastrous astral projection trip

Basically no plot, no close ups, the group of friends are dumb and incompatible (the know it all, the dumb bimbo, the weird kid... all the stereotypes). Plus, they all talk like they're reading from a script. Where's the emotions? The passion? The fear and loneliness etc ? It's like someone reading from a book whereas it should be short and concise and the meaning has to lead somewhere ! Not meaningless text.

Reviewed by hoytyhoyty 3 / 10 / 10

Who the hell is rating this higher than 1?

What kills this is the script and the dialogue. And gee, take those away and you have .... nothing, really. It looks nice, the actors do the best they can, the music is competent, the special effects are competent. But with the dialogue and script gone: The cinematography makes no sense at all. The actors just embarass themselves, and the speeches are absurd and boring. The music keeps just surging at completely random intervals. The special effects convey a story that keeps changing direction as the drunken author wakes up and scribbles another paragraph. If I were a producer and this landed on my desk as a DEMO? I'd have a good laugh, then possibly call the creators in for a chat: "You folks really have potential. We're going to give you a REAL script to work with and see what you do, but this demo? It must NEVER reach the public or you will never have any credibility associated with your names? Understand me?"

Reviewed by sicbassman 3 / 10 / 10

Nothing to see here

ASTRAL doesn't really give you much to get excited about. The story is very much centered around the protagonist. While there are other characters in the film everyone else gets pretty much left by the wayside giving you zero to no insight surrounding their dynamics as a group of students attending university. Little to no character development went into this film and even less attempts at standing out as more than a run of the mill jump scare movie, which doesn't didnt even succeed at that. With other films like Insidious exploring the astral projection area of horror this one falls drastically flat in every way. I had hoped that when we finally arrived at the big bad demon of the movie which had little to no build up ,we see it for only a few moments and then nothing. I expected this movie to be more exploratory of the astral plane but I guess the budget didnt allow for more. Give this one a solid pass

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