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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chaosmetal69 9 / 10 / 10

Screw the haters this was great, Spain proves they're strong with hand-camera horrors

First off to the reviewer complaining that it was too long the whole thing was an hour and 10 minutes! Have some patience It's one of the shortest movies i've ever watched! This movie is about a family that owns a house out in the countryside of Spain. There is a legend involving the maze that is attached to their house. However the kids who are curious types are forbidden from their father from going in there. Being a huge fan of hand camera horrors I was eager to discover this little gem. It's short and to the point before you know it. I have seen various ones such as Noroi, rec, etc, i am a veteran in this vein so take it from me it's good! The thing I liked the most about it was it was very realistic feeling and very intense and creepy and at one point when they're in the woods I checked how much time was left on the movie cause i was anticipating a scare in one scene and I rarely do that with movies unless they're scary Bottom line is, if you like hand camera horrors, realistic scenes and tense feelings with goose bumps watch this now and enjoy it! you won't be disappointed. People on IMDb tend to rate hand camera horrors really low for some reason but I think most people that review and hate on them don't actually like that "genre" To create a great environment for this type of movie: turn the lights out, watch on a big screen, and by yourself its only 70 minutes who cares if you're alone. I guarantee you if you set that formula up for yourself you'll be wide awake after like I am.

Reviewed by cookie666 2 / 10 / 10

Nauseous for all the wrong reasons

The film has a very promising premise for any horror fan - a story with paranormal elements, a small cast and filmed with a hand-held camera (think of the suspense!). This immediately sets the expectations high - I was expecting a Spanish Blair Witch Project or perhaps a successful spin-off of Rec. In reality, the friends I went to the movies with got nauseous because of the constant shaking of the camera and I did not flinch once. It must be said, though, that Atrocious does a good job of misleading the viewer - something I rather enjoyed, but some others might find disappointing. The biggest flaw, however, was that the movie got lost in itself. The producers were clearly so caught up with the whole amateur-footage-spooky-places-run-and-scream theme that it engulfed the whole movie, making everything else that happened inbetween seem like one long filler. And then combined with the completely unexpected ending, Atrocious might just leave you feeling a little indifferent about the whole thing - and nauseous, if you're like one of my friends. Overall, it's a decent little horror flick, but nothing that would keep you up at night.

Reviewed by Colossusrocks 2 / 10 / 10

aptly named

(I don't think I included any spoilers, but just in case I marked it as such.) I love horror movies, and have a particular weakness for found footage or hand-held camera shot movies. That said, i enjoyed the premise of this movie at the beginning, and thought they were going in an alright direction with it. By the end however I was fairly disappointed with the movie and felt that felt that the movie lacked a great deal of substance. For a good deal of the movie, especially towards the end, you cant see a damn thing, as the screen almost if not entirely black. Now I gave them some credit for taking the realism thing as far as humanly possible, but it ended up ruining the movie. There really wasn't any "story" to it at all. The other thing that bothered me were the long stretches of the kid running through the woods in the dark. I felt that they lasted way too long and didn't really accomplish anything. they lasted so long that they destroyed any tension they may have been trying to create. The twists were about the only interesting thing about the movie, and the only bits that didn't seem to be about bushes. The girl in the movie aptly says early on, "There is nothing to tape, but trees." and she is right. I felt that the ending twist was a bit weak and uncalled for, especially since nothing pointed to such a conclusion. In fact the ending raised quite a few questions that the writers don't seem to realize exist. All grievances aside, this was not the worst movie I have ever watched. It comfortably fits into the found footage genre, but doesn't really add much of anything to it. I would not however recommend this film to anyone, even a fellow found footage junkie.

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