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Kat Ingkarat as Yinying
Rudy Youngblood as Infidel
Siu-Wong Fan as Ma Jinliang
Steven Seagal as Harlan Banks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shakercoola 5 / 10 / 10

Slick, formulaic rescue thriller

Next stop Southeast Asia for Steven Seagal. This is a martial arts action film with a moral message, and a heart, about people trafficking. The main theme: one who aims to live a spiritual life will eventually be tested by a quandry, that by not facing andd acting against an evil deed against another one's spiritual integrity would be undermined. "Attrition" is slickly produced with higher production values and better direction than any of Seagal's films since "Exit Wounds". I especially enjoyed the set design and atmosphere it succeeded in creating. With a good supporting cast of impressive martial arts combat the film moves along smoothly though some of the dialogue is facile if not overly philosophical. All in all, it's a film that falls short because of its ending - a very short third act of predictable slaughter with very little resistance from the foes. Nevertheless, it is moderately enjoyable up to and including the finale.

Reviewed by nikola17 2 / 10 / 10

for seagal fans only

I always and always will remember Steven seagal history of greatest movies like Above the law NICO, Marked for Death, Hard to Kill, Under Siege 1 & 2, Glimmer Man, On Deadly Ground, Fire Down Below, and very bad film Executive Decision, During the latter half of the 1990s, Seagal starred in three more feature films and the direct-to-video film The Patriot. Subsequently, his career shifted to mostly direct-to-video productions. he comeback from exit wounds, Half past dead. then after then he started and being in a lot of direct to DVD movies a lot of good ones and bad ones, he comeback in 2010 sadly cameo in machete witch he didn't do anything wished for him to be in Expendables (2010) but he chosen bad opportunity role for machete film Robert Rodriguez. his best acting olden days when he is biggest name ever he was very famous massive names like jean claude van damme all another's action stars. i would have to say this is one of his better movies then worse code of honor and china salesman crap believe me watch them and watch this, this movie is better direct to DVD film but it's not really worst film but it's watchable if your die hard fan of seagal. now i would say this is something a bit of always samething kinda like watching belly of beast or into the sun, revenge flicks type same old seagal simple plot it's bit different The story is ok but more important the fight scenes are really nice and well choreographed. Axe (Steven seagal) is a former marine but moved to china where ever it was located from, he is dressed up with chinese clothing he has a massage business of his own. his daughter gets kidnapped but she has mythical powers but you don't see any Fake as CGI powers in movie thank god that doesn't happen in film, then Axe team his former soldiers, like Infidel (Rudy Youngblood), Yinying (Kat Ingkarat) she is pretty Asian i like her attitude a lot and actress hasn't been involved in many movies, Chen Man (Siu-Wong Fan), Hollywood (Sergey Badyuk), Scarecrow (James P. Bennett) in a team to find Axe daughter. and film it's full on china traditional, seagal is speaking chinese and understanding it dressed like IP Man, and his martial arts in this film is no stunt doubles at all not like Black Dawn, Out of Reach, today you die. because in his old direct to DVD films not all of them i would say just couple has too many stunt doubles. in this no stunt doubles he does his own fight scenes witch is great i loved his fight scenes. villains is not so much Black (Cha-Lee Yoon) and who has his daughter Qmom (Kang Yu) the fight scene between him and seagal with sword fight not so much the scene is brutal that was it, action is good but with fake CGI of crouse it's B-movie not a 500k film, it's enjoyable and watchable if your Steven seagal fan, i think seagal really needs to go back directing movies make those movies into a bigger budget films comeback to warner bros or something different company lionsgate make a big budget movies, seagal really deserved better for his career not doing Direct to DVD films sadly but this isn't that bad of movie to watch 7.10 only thing is for seagal, and movie for action and martial arts was good i just liked this a lot more then to Code of honor, China Salesman. this movie is heaps more better then code of honor, that's a direct to DVD film but worser then this you more find it worse if you hate it, but code of honor is the worst film of direct to DVD history. this i think it's just enjoyable to watch it for seagal it's little better.

Reviewed by lucasj007-478-446262 2 / 10 / 10

This could have been great.

Steven you can't write and you can barley sing. What the heck was that pro-log for? Some of the fight scene were good. But the story just wasn't there. If you want to see this movie I suggest you watch it in 2x the speed to save you time on wasting your life. Last, WTH was the end credit at the bar, fake playing the guitar for; filler?

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