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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fairwindstoday 8 / 10 / 10


What does every 60 year-old want for retirement? How about a 20 year-old lover and companion, who actually listens to you, believes in you and cares about you! Most spouses in retirement don't even talk to each other, and are merely roommates in the same house! This is a premium journey into where AI (artificial intelligence) is going! and this type of thing is not that far off. All of the English language and responses have already been mapped and catalogued and are microprocessor-ready. It's just a matter of time before they perfect holograms! The realization is of course, that most people...especially seniors are alone, lonely and rejected to the trash heap waiting to die. This is way beyond just 'getting a dog.' It has already been realized that humans are not supposed to spend their entire lives with the same partner, rather it is just something they are used to! As one can see this would relegate everyone to just talking to a computer, but apparently would make them a lot happier! They touched on this in 'Brainstorm' (1983), but this goes way beyond that! The film brings us to extreme food-for-thought. But in reality is a sad testament to how pathetic our interrelations with other humans actually are in total non-communication. Perhaps the future would have something worthwhile to offer after all!

Reviewed by franklindf 8 / 10 / 10

Deserves a higher rating

This is a pretty good movie. It has a science fiction element obviously, but once you're past that, everything is completely believable as good science fiction ought to be. The aging man is sent into retirement and finds himself in a stale and lifeless situation. Thus, his retirement gift has particular relevance to him given his damaged ego, low self-esteem, and monotonous marriage. The gift of course is the glasses which provide a life-like companion programmed with AI to tend perfectly to the needs and whims of the wearer. It's an interesting premise that reminds me somewhat of "Her" which deals with similar subject matter. But this movie isn't just a cheap copy of "Her" as it has a fresh take on matters. The AI character is played by Christen Harper, who is absolutely gorgeous in this. I'd watch the movie just for her, and in a way you're sharing the main characters experience of interacting with her. It's completely relatable the man needs a break from his bossy and overbearing wife and finds refuge in the beautiful companion. There are a few week points to the movie - it's fairly predictable, and the pacing feels a bit slow. And without going into specifics, the ending isn't really satisfying. That aside, it's definitely worth watching and the IMDB rating should be a bit higher in my opinion.

Reviewed by tocanepauli 8 / 10 / 10

Could be the future??

Spooky movie if you think this could be the future! Not too far removed from what is happening in the world of artificial intelligence!

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