Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Dead Over Heels


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Brad Harder as Officer Heard
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Ellie Harvie as Doris
Jim Thorburn as Rob Hartman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10 / 10

Murder Drops In

In the last Aurora Teagarden Mystery our librarian sleuth bought a house that turned out to be a cold case crime scene which of course she solved. In this one Candace Cameron Bure first gets a heads up kind of visit from a police captain whom she's never been on friendly terms with. He was looking for Yannick Bisson formerly of the CIA and Aurora's steady. The next day he drops in on Cameron or rather his cadaver is thrown from a plane and lands in her front yard. Now she's really part of the crime itself and our librarian with the aid of her sidekick Lexa Doig who as a newspaper reporter actually covering the story who can ask needed questions she decides to find out who went out of his way to involve her and more important try to frame Bisson. We learn also just what Bisson did at the CIA and he does have the skills to commit this and other homicides related to this crime. On a side note Jim Thorburn a detective just returned to the force is trying awful hard to close the case on his own with an unofficial parallel investigation which is aimed at Bisson. You know that Roe Teagarden won't stand for. The only clue I'll give readers is that this is someone with the skills to kill and the skills to frame. Fans of the series should be pleased.

Reviewed by utgard14 7 / 10 / 10

My least favorite so far

The fifth Aurora Teagarden movie starring Candace Cameron Bure. This time around Aurora is trying to solve the murder of a minor supporting character in the series: the police captain that barks at her about meddling in murder cases. I've remarked on this clichéd character before in my reviews for other Aurora movies, so I'm certainly not sad to see him go. And no, his death is not really a spoiler since it happens in the first few minutes of the movie. Despite killing off this character I didn't like, this is my least favorite Aurora movie so far. For starters, the terrible love interest Secret Agent Spray Tan McGuyliner is back and I just can't stand this guy. He's obviously going to be around for the rest of the series, which I'm afraid will hurt my enjoyment of them going forward. He's given quite a bit of focus here because....well, I don't know really. Friends in high places at Hallmark, I guess. Then there's the murderer, who is so obvious that I spotted him or her in their very first scene. The red herrings sucked, as well. One in particular was so unlikable that I couldn't help but be disappointed when they weren't arrested for SOMETHING by the end of the movie. The writing throughout is clunky and full of more "suspend disbelief" moments than is personally acceptable for me. I'll let the crappy murder mystery slide most times if the character stuff is enjoyable. But it isn't that great this time. The only highlights are the scenes where Aurora and her buddy Sally (played by Lexa Doig) are investigating together. Unfortunately that's not nearly enough. Once again, I call on Hallmark to dump the unnecessary metrosexual boyfriend and focus on the two ladies but I already know that plea is reaching deaf ears. Hallmark rulebook states a love interest is required for every one of their films, whether it fits or not. Anyway, I'll continue to watch the series because I enjoy Candace and Lexa and Marilu (when she's given something to do). I doubt any of these movies are ever going to be amazing but they're enjoyable time passers. Even this one has its moments.

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 7 / 10 / 10

The death of the police chief!

The fifth film in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery, based on the book of the same name. Another fine film in the film series, but not as good as the previous one. It all started off well, like usual intentional, that does not bother. Even the mid section stood to the expectation. But only the final event, that twist, that explanation did not convince me. Well, I'm not pointing out how the crime was solved, though the who did and the reason for it was not enough to wrap it up in a style. So keep it yourself, if you see what happens in the first three minutes of the film. Because that's how all Aurora Teagarden Mystery rolls out. What follows after are the most crucial, in which these films has done so well. As I said, now this series is well settled down. I liked so far how all the characters worked out their differences with our lead, Aurora. In that, her mother, Aida and the police chief, Jack Burns are the only ones yet to come into resolution. But that's the twist, because Burns is the victim here. His body was dumped in front of Aurora from a small plane while she was in her front yard with Sally. It was a deliberate act, but no one knows why, that's what they have to find out. Aurora, who goes after unsolved crimes, this time it came to her. This is where nobody can stop her, not even her mother. For the first time Aida sided with her daughter by giving some useful information. Except the main ones, most of the characters from the previous films were retained to fill the screen and give a broad view, particularly to make suspenseful. But there were also a couple of new ones added as the story demanded to extend the suspense. ❝You are the only person I know that could have a near death experience and immediately start solving the crime.❞ A few unavoidable clichés. It was how the characters behaved during the probe. Because if it would not have been suspicious enough, the film had not lasted long. Basically, we call that the plot drag, but the polite way to say is, development. Happy to see Martin still hanging around. That looks does not change in the future as well. But this part somewhat discarded the romance sect. The other side of the story was going strong so. It had one fight sequence too. The television fights are not that impressive, but okay. Especially this being a woman oriented tale, that scene was the least expected. But in this kind of thematic, all are possible. Much improved on the cops' perspective of the crime that Aurora interested in. Mainly because of this was an open case. Lynn was the one who always shining, but they tried to bring Arthur, the Aurora's ex into some actions. The narration kept the mystery moving towards the final section. During the middle, it was a bit slow. And the end twist, not the best one. Since how the story and characters were designed together, there's nothing they could have done it differently. Because you can change the path, but the destination is still the same, which I think let the film down. Other than the ending, it was a nice film, enjoyable with the beautiful characters and settings. The director's second straight stint in the franchise. His previous one was by far my favourite. This one too a decent one, if you had liked so far of the series. Nice performances, particularly the other librarian had more scope in this. That makes Aurora had worked out with everyone, which makes more interesting how the next film and all the following would roll out. The next one is the final, the remaining books are yet to turn into films. I'm not too far from reviewing that, before my wait begins for the rest. 6.5/10

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