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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chetan_r411 6 / 10 / 10

Nice propaganda movie:

Nice propaganda movie Nice and clever propaganda. The movie beautifully covers up the issue whether Azhar took money or not, they raised it just before the interval and conveniently covered it under many other aspects of his life. He has played for India and won many matches for the country so of course there will be many things to cherish and celebrate about him, which makes the movie interesting, no doubt. But the whole plot about the match fixing angle is so cooked up, they show him taking money from bookie, talking to the bookie on cellphone during the match and suddenly his conscience awakens up in the middle of the match. How convenient !! And look at the crookedness of the makers, before the start they announce that this is a work of fiction and at the end, Azhar's character tells us I leave it to you, whether you want me to believe or not. Yeah, we are stupid enough to believe, that you took the money but suddenly in the middle of the match, your grandfather's soul made you do the right thing. The whole court case which tries to exonerate him in the movie, was in reality, about the ban on him by the cricket association and and not the actual match fixing, many cine-goers will not be able to realize this difference. This case was dragged for many years and was a low profile one, contrary to what is shown in the movie. Moreover, he is shown as a loving husband and family-man, who protects both his wives and families by not letting them come to court. So much so for a guy who even after marrying twice, had affair with Jwala Gutta and then had another affair with Shannon Marie. Someone has correctly said that some people want to change the definition of our heroes. Thank you Ekta Kapoor, till now you were making garbage movies, now you are making movies on garbage people. I wonder why Emraan accepted this role, probably because it was a tough role, tough to portray a wrong man as right and he must be given credit for his performance, he actually acted good, same goes for Prachi. Nargis and Kunal Roy Kapoor made caricatures of their characters as usual. However biggest achievement goes to the script writers for camouflaging this dishonorable man as a true sportsperson and patriot cricketer.

Reviewed by narulagaurav 4 / 10 / 10

Comedy or Propaganda?

Azhar the Movie, like Azhar the Kaalpanik/ Fictional Character mentioned in a disclaimer (at the beginning of the movie) - both of them lack spine. This movie is a sad attempt to justify a character who was poor as a husband, as a person and as a father. Quite frankly, and as several of the other reviews on IMDb are mentioning, this is a clear case of propaganda that the actual Azhar is trying to indulge in. The famous match fixing scandal of the 90s dragged in some big players, both in SA and in India. The legal cases against them were substantiated, and these individuals were subsequently banned from the game for varying periods of time. Are we questioning the calibre of the courts when we try to show these folks, several years later, as upright? Seems kind of 'easy to portray, but difficult to believe'. Azhar was first and always a cheat. In the game, in his marriage, in his relationships with his children (the famous affair with Jwala Gutta, who was his son's friend), and otherwise. Following the debacle in cricket, he went where most goons go - to politics. No guesses into the affiliation he sought and achieved. Now coming to the movie. The acting is unconvincing. The plot is poor. Great actors wasted. Dialogues are juvenile, at the best. Melodrama misplaced. The characters are shallow. The direction a guffaw. As a final statement, I'd like to say that there was no research. This is just the case of a cheat who is trying to show the world he was victimized, when it was actually the reverse. The scenes seem purported from La La Land. 1 star out of 10 is what this deserves.

Reviewed by samarthtrivedi04 4 / 10 / 10

Poor Filmmaking spoils the fun

Finally up for my first review. Just watched Azhar. I have to say it is a rather disappointing movie. This movie is mainly spoiled by the director and the research team. One of the unintelligent moments of the movie were in the first half, he is said to be living in Hyderabad and has to go to Mumbai for a match, basically it's a long train journey and he is shown to leave in his whites(Tes cricket Uniform). It has a lot of stupid moments. Lack of character development. Lack of story development. Good performance by emraan, good job done by prachi desai, horrible job by nargis fakhri. The makers had a strong content which they have done a terrific job to spoil. 4/10.

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