Babysitter's Black Book

Drama / TV Movie

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December 12, 2020


Perrey Reeves as Adrienne Stafford
Spencer Locke as Ashley
Steffani Brass as Michele Chadwick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

High School Hookers

Sexy 17-year-old blonde Spencer Locke (as Ashley) starts "Family Buddies" as a babysitters' club with her hot high school girlfriends. The eager young women need money for college and stuff, so they decide to get even bigger bucks by opening up the business to include prostitution. The fathers include amazingly hunky Ryan McPartlin (as Mark), who doesn't look like he should be paying. He's also a lawyer, although this "Lifetime" TV movie claims to be "Inspired by True Events." Highly arousing Angeline Fioridella Appel (as Rachel Foster) seems smartest, but the cast appears mentally challenged in the art of sexual courtship. That's obviously not the point being made, here, however. Lovingly directed by Lee Friedlander this is unabashed soft core masquerading as social consciousness; as such, you need only know the girls and dads are desirable and attractive. ***** Babysitter's Black Book (2/21/15) Lee Friedlander ~ Spencer Locke, Ryan McPartlin, Angeline Appel, Doug Noble

Reviewed by daisyrose-58717 4 / 10 / 10

Hoped for a better message

I liked this movie until a little over half-way through (which is why I gave it a 6 rather than lower). As others have mentioned this seemed more about shaming the girls. The parents of the main girl are terrible. First they wipe out her college fund (really late into the game too so she really had no hope of getting the money to go to the college she was hoping for in such a short time) saying how they hope they'll get loans to pay her back and then when she went to drastic measures (not agreeing with what she did though) they say how disappointed in her and that they didn't raise her that way. Unfortunately what this movie tells us is even in this day and age the girl still seems to take the brunt of the stigma.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10 / 10

Babysitter gone wild

Well not really, at least not explicitly shown on screen. But yeah there is a lot of suggested and off screen affairs going on. Because this was made for TV (and not HBO TV with all the freedoms), you won't see too much, but then again that's not why the movie does not deliver on all ends and promises. It's more because the story does not have that much to give. Yeah so the main actress has some money issues, but who doesn't? And then we have the whole affair with ethics and what you are allowed to do and where you cross the line. It doesn't seem to affect people that much, until almost the very end. Very predictable, very tame and very boring overall. Pretty people though

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