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Reviewed by witster18 5 / 10 / 10

Let's step back before we destroy this one....

Now, we all know that comedy sequels that change actors, and that are made years after the original, are usually disastrous. Ski School 2 ...Caddyshack 2.Dumb and DUmberer...Major League 2. ....I'll stop there before I have bad nightmares. THis movie is actually MUCH better than I expected. Is it great?...NO!.....but it's definitely not horrible. The cast has an adequate group of known funny-men and the acting in general is passable. Doesn't disappoint on the nudity and party up to its' namesake. Most of the humor is dirty.. as are the mojito's and martini's. Ratings wise I'd say it's just shy of the original, but it's worth a view for a guys' night in with a case of brewskies. 54-100

Reviewed by ceerider 3 / 10 / 10

Not bad but also not good

I had the pleasure of viewing this movie early and I have to say I thought that it was going to be boring and wondered how could they ever improve upon the 1984 version of Bachelor Party starring Tom Hanks, which I thought was pretty good...I was right...In all honesty I thought it could have been better...Sure there were some funny moments but it just didn't seem to hit the mark with me...The acting was OK and the storyline pretty well follows the original but I think it could have been so much better...This movie I'd say is for teens and the young of heart; full of female bodies, alcohol and sex...It's just another typical run of the mill party movie that has been done over and over again. 4/10 is my vote for this one.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 3 / 10 / 10

Just an excuse to show nudity

Now I recently had the viewing pleasure to watch the hilarious comedy Bachelor Party, one of my new favorite comedies, laughed until it just hurt type of movies. So I naturally wanted to see the sequel, hoping it would have the same laughs, but instead Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation is made by the American Pie generation where it's tasteless and defeats the hole purpose of the first film. Yeah, the first film has nudity, but it doesn't show in every single scene. Also the plot is exactly the same from the first, it's not always a complaint with me, but this could have been a little more original. The only thing is that I'm glad that at least no old actors from the original appear in this movie, because it would have been cheesy or really silly looking. Ron and Melinda are engaged, after only 2 months of dating, everyone is against it. Melinda has a rich family, but they're pretty happy with Ron, and Melinda's brother, Todd is scared that Ron will take his job. So they go out on a weekend to Miami for a bachelor party and Todd is going to make sure that he'll trap Ron into a picture that will make Melinda change her mind about the marriage. Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation has a couple laughs here and there, but over all fails to deliver what the first film accomplished. These guys, Ron's friends, were more obnoxious than likable, except for Seth, he was kinda funny. The only likable characters other than Seth is Ron and Melinda, everyone else just more or less gets on your nerves. You wanna watch this film? Just watch Girls Gone Wild, it's the same thing only it doesn't try to pretend that it's a film. Stick to the original Bachelor Party, that's the movie that's going to get you in tears of laughter. 3/10

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