Back Street


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Gloria Stuart as Dorothy Martin
Irene Dunne as Ellen Wagstaff Arden
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Adolph Schmidt
Zasu Pitts as Mrs. Dole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by berengeria 10 / 10 / 10

fine movie...

I have seen the later versions that were done of this movie, and none compare to this one. Irene Dunne is superb, and brings a lot of depth to her really get to care about her character, and sympathize with her plight. Only saw this movie once on television years ago, and have not seen it aired since. As far as I can tell, this 1932 movie is not available on tape or dvd at the present time...a real shame, for it certainly needs to be!

Reviewed by overseer-3 9 / 10 / 10

Two Great Stars Make It Work

Irene Dunne and John Boles classically pull off what easily could have been a smarmy pre-code movie with the usual clichés about extra-marital affairs. Rae (Irene) misses the chance to marry the man she loves, due to helping another woman, her step-sister, who is in trouble. Years later Rae meets Walter (handsome John Boles) again in New York City; he's a rich banker-stockbroker now, married, with two children, yet the old sparks are still there and she agrees to be his mistress. The affair lasts years and there is genuine affection there. At one point Rae almost marries a childhood friend to escape her back street romance, but Walter begs her to return to him, and she does. Now twenty years go by, his children are grown and learn about the long-term affair, though we are to believe the wife is clueless. Walter has a stroke and his last thoughts are of Rae, and Rae gives up the ghost shortly thereafter, unable to continue living without her lifelong love. It's nice to see the transition between the Gilded Age through the 1930's; it's nice to see two pros give touching performances in this film. As per the style of that time, there was no background musical soundtrack, except for a few brief scenes, and this is not a distraction; in fact I think it helps keep one's concentration going on the actual storyline not to be interrupted by Max Steiner-like musical notes soaring over the action. This film has never been released on video or DVD and is never played on TCM or Fox Movie Channel. Very unfortunate; it needs to be readily available for precode fans.

Reviewed by mb_cine_films 9 / 10 / 10

Very gentle predecessor to the women's film from the master of substance

At our recent film society screening of this film (we very luckily have a 16mm print in The National Film and Sound Archive here in Australia) it was very apparent of the skill of director and his star in what is an subtle and underplayed telling of this Fannie Hurst tearjerker. There is an absence of musical underscore very typical for the period prior to 1934, and this added to the potency of the effect of Dunne's absorbing and masterful performance, illustrating her as not just a star but an actress as well. Overall this film has a very gentle feel with slow fade-outs used frequently in giving this effect. Dunne is wonderful in her playing earlier in a lighter fashion and makes a skillful transformation into the section of the film where she is older and more serious. I had sympathy for her character in spite of the sacrifices she makes for John Boles, remaining in the "back street" of his life. I see director Stahl as a sort of predecessor to Sirk in his handling of solid fare such as this and "Leave her to Heaven" (1945).

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