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Eric Balfour as Skip
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Nicholas Campbell as Jason Caball
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Reviewed by antman-69594 7 / 10 / 10


I've never written a review in my life, but I had to voice my frustration. This is a really atmospheric movie, with likeable characters and a fair amount of suspense. It's definitely worth watching...BUT...what drove me crazy was the ridiculous camera movement. My guess is, in an attempt to be arty and perhaps to give a first person perspective of the terror of being alone and hunted in the woods, the camera shakes and sweeps all over the place. Annoying and pointless!! Movie makers, PLEASE stop doing this!

Reviewed by Torera 7 / 10 / 10

Hauntingly Realistic!

I was glued to this movie from start to finish. The main characters were believable and the acting was very good. The male character, Alex (Jeff Roop), had an uneasiness about him that kept me watching with nervous anticipation. The female character, Jenn (Missy Peregrym) was superbly realistic. I connected with her vulnerability and ultimate strength and perseverance. *****WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD***** I am a fan of the horror genre and feel that I have pretty much seen it all and that nothing fazes me anymore. Well....I have to say that the bear attack scene in this movie still haunts me today, weeks after having watched it. From the chillingly realistic cries of agony as Alex is being mauled - made more horrific since most of the gruesome details are left to the imagination - to Jenn's excruciating shock and's incredibly satisfying to watch because the realistic emotions touch close to home. I have to mention Eric Balfour's character, Brad. I have read a lot of comments with regards to his scene being pointless or irrelevant to the movie. I actually think that including this scene in the movie was a brilliant red herring. After Brad left, I was left with an ominous feeling. Where was he lurking and when was he going to pop out again? I was totally caught off guard when it turns out that the real threat to the couple turned out not to be Brad. What an effective way to amplify the couple's real plight. This scene provides some foreshadowing, as well. Brad's appearance is menacing. Similar to the bear, he preys on Alex's weaknesses/insecurities. He builds up Jenn, who ultimately prevails. Great movie. I would watch it again!

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10 / 10

Solid Indie Survival Flick

A solid independent film with a good cast Eric Balfour was NOT the lead as I suspected he would be since he had second top billing on here, but to me it doesn't matter Because the couple that were in the lead did a really good job and their relationsship seemed natural, they felt like a real couple and that doesn't always happen in movies so I appreciated that I can't really say too much about the movie without spoiling it, but basically if you like survival movies give it a go There were some parts where it felt a little slow and some parts where the camera work was in my opinion a little confusing, it most likely was intended as such but still at points I felt like they went a little overboard with the shaky camera and the intentional out of focus going into focus shots, but overall the movie looks good It had some genuinely scary moments in it though so yeah it's still very much a good movie that I can recommend Just now while writing this review read that it was shot in only 16 days and it is the directors debut film, and I must say that shows great promise for the future of this director

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