Bad Johnson

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Cam Gigandet as Stunner
Jamie Chung as Violet
Nick Thune as Eric Kline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dsody 2 / 10 / 10

Bad Movie

This film should of been called "Bad Movie," instead of "Bad Johnson." I think this film had potential that went to waste. I like the premise. I wanted to like the movie but it disappointed. The main character was a horrible person that did horrible things but by the end of the movie he didn't learn anything. I have seen many films, that were comedies about sex. Films like American Pie, for example. That film at least had a good story and main characters that you cared about. There was a point to the whole story. This film was completely pointless, about some guy who cheats on and hurts the women he cares about. It also wasn't funny at all. If you are looking to watch a funny comedy about sex then I recommend the American Pie series instead.

Reviewed by BlindMan-11 6 / 10 / 10

Better than what I thought

The concept is original and the actors, working with a script that could have had a bit more work done to it, did still come off as entertaining. Actually, this movie could be really one for ladies more so than guys. There are so many ladies who could understand how a guy can be the way that he is with his junk. Not that anyone should want to have a guy lose his junk but just take some responsibility for it. And guys could laugh at the prospect of their junk taking on their own life so that they could see how it looks to actually watch their junk in action and cringe. Well worth the watch!!

Reviewed by Tss5078 6 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078

Some comedies are hilarious, others are down right stupid, and then there is the story of Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandent). Like most men, Rich only thinks with his penis, and it often gets him into trouble, so one night, Rich makes a wish that his penis would leave him alone, and that's exactly what it does. Rich's penis detaches, and comes to life in the form of a walking, talking, human being. In the beginning, this film is an absolute riot, but how many penis jokes can you squeeze into a 90 minute film? Eventually Bad Johnson deteriorates into an eighth graders favorite movie, and becomes really tiresome, but in the insanity, something emerges, (besides Rich's penis), Cam Gigandent. I've seen Gigandent around, and he's usually playing the good looking guy, who's roles really doesn't have much substance, until now. As is the case with most actors, it takes time to find their niche, but Gigandent's may very well be comedy. He was the level headed one, who really blurts out the hysterical line when it is sorely needed, and he was far better than Nick Thune, the man who literally was playing a penis. Bad Johnson isn't the kind of film you'll want to see twice, the jokes are old before the film is even over, but if you're looking for a few good, cheap laughs, this film is absolutely perfect.

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