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Andy Mackenzie as Christopher Piaz
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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 8 / 10 / 10

I am a famous Oscar winning actress

This is a series on non-connected comedy shorts interrupted by a news program reporting on a mayor involved in a drug and sex scandal. The skits include a politically correct assassin, Internet dating, an actress, adopting parents, and friends with benefits. The themes tend to be lightly dark, slightly twisty and sometimes predictable. Good performances. Better than "43" and comparable to "Groove Tube" and "KFM". Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

Reviewed by svenjergensen 2 / 10 / 10


Eh I was in the mood for some raunchy comedy and I decided to pick this thing up and give it a shot. Low budget comedies can be a hit or miss, and this one is somewhere in-between. The BAD: This movie has little to no production value, and at times the acting can be pretty bad. It's broken into short segments, and some segments are much better than others. I didn't like the aspiring actress story or the girls killing their cheating boyfriend. But I found the hit men to be hilarious. The GOOD: There are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments in this movies. While it can be a bit cliché at times, the film really brings it home with it's no holds barred approach to humor. Earlier I said some segments aren't great; but that also means some of them are. If you aren't feeling this movie at any point, just wait and it totally changed direction. There are some pretty subtle and clever jokes. While most of the jokes are pretty obvious the writers snuck in a few jokes you really have to be paying attention to. Overall, enjoyable.

Reviewed by Spacenaz 2 / 10 / 10

Forced and Clichéd

I don't know what the deal with the proliferation of movies like Movie 43 have been lately, but it is a bad trend. This is another sketch comedy/multiple vignette style movie. I decided to give another one of these type a go because I was in the mood for a dumb comedy, I just wasn't sure how dumb. I enjoyed Movie 43, and the other one like this that I watched that was mostly acceptable (5/10) was InAppropriate Comedy. While that was was markedly worse than Movie 43, this one is worlds away from Inappropriate Comedy. I mean, at least that one had Rob Schneider Adrien Brody, and Michelle Rodriguez, for better or worse. I did not know anything about this movie before I watched it. I just turned it on, watched the start of it, and the comedy seemed a bit off beat, so I decided to keep watching it. The first segment has some funny dialogue, but the older white guy quickly becomes annoying. I kept hoping that the other guy would get upset with his verbal nitpicking and shoot him. It then goes on to a fake news segment that is used throughout the movie. They keep some sort of news story of the mayor in a sex scandal an ongoing segment and each of the actors in these segments are atrocious. In the first segment, the male news anchor was almost funny, but went south fast. Each of the segments were less and less funny. I found a couple of the jokes to be amusing, but it was mostly lame and cringey. Sadly there were really no laughs in this movie. Some of it tried to be dark, but it just ended up being laughable, in a bad way. It feels like a high school students attempt to write "smart, edgy" comedy, mixed with a stoned high school student's idea of what is funny (the news segments). Most of what is supposed to be funny in this movie felt forced and clichéd. I mean, the social worker in the cage after six months was almost funny, but not... Most of the acting in this movie was just terrible, and it felt like a bad audition tape. The only segment I found half amusing was the one with the social worker, and even that was annoying ("Black, Jewish - Bluish?" So they proceed to serve bagels and lox and watermelon....Ugh). Overall I was very disappointed in both this movie, and myself for finishing this movie and wasting my time with it. I kept hoping one of the segments would redeem all the others, but it never happened. I suppose it is my fault for not at least fast-forwarding to the next segment, but then I really wouldn't have seen the movie. I'd be as bad as people seeing a bad movie trailer and rating the movie a one. This movie does hold the golden distinction of being my worst rated movie so far, even worse than V/H/S Viral, which I gave a 3. I found this movie seemed to drag on. Even at a brief 80 minutes, this one is a chore to sit through. I am a fan of these style of movies, and a big fan of sketch comedy, but this movie just wasn't funny. It was amateurish and the segments were boring. Don't waste your time like I did mine, I don't recommend this movie to anyone. 2/10

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