Bad Santa 2

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Kathy Bates as Bobi Jewell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by powermandan 5 / 10 / 10

Not Horrible, But Still Not Very Good.

The original 'Bad Santa' from 2003 is a raunchy classic. A washed-up Santa and his elf friend annually rob malls they work at; then Santa's habits are catching up with him and he befriends a kid who he grows to care about. The movie is dark, the jokes are hilarious, and there is so much depth in the characters that give the movie its heart. Anything wrong with a sequel to this? Not at all. Anything wrong with a sequel being made more than a decade after the original? Absolutely. One thing almost certain about sequels that are released a decade or more after the predecessor is that is it will be a hugely inferior retread. Case-in-point, 'Bad Santa 2.' 'Bad Santa' from 2003 was no masterpiece by any means, but at least everything was fresh and its heart was in the right place. The sequel tries to recapture what worked before with only a few elements coming out good. Billy Bob Thornton returns as the sex-addicted alcky, Willie Soke. He's had a bunch of odd jobs since quitting the heist business, but has not amounted to anything and hasn't changed much. Thurman Merman/The Kid still comes by and annoys Willie. This is the essence of both films that played the groundwork. It's The Kid who makes this sequel worth sitting through. Thurman is going to be 21 in a few days and it's funny to see that he hasn't changed much either. There's a few sexual jokes with Willie and The Kid that I'll admit made me laugh a bit. Then familiar and dull territory gets taken advantage of with the arrival of Willie's old sideckick, Marcus. Willie still isn't over his betrayal, but reluctantly accepts Marcus' plan: steal over a million dollars' worth of donations from a homeless shelter in Chicago. Marcus' man on the inside is Willie's mother played by Kathy Bates. One of my favourite actresses ever is one of the major drawback in this film. It didn't hurt to see her play anybody foul-mouthed, its how bad her writing and delivery of it all was. There's someone else bad on the inside who's a rival, and forgettable and impossible to care for. As as I started, this tries to recycle almost everything of the first. Still lots of sex (actually way more sex this time around), lots of booze, lots of swearing, same setups, same results, and very little is actually funny. Not horrid, just stuff to brush off in an instant. The Kid decides to pay a surprise to Willie as an early Christmas present. This element with Thurman comes the closest to reaching the level of the first. Willie and Thurman is not as good here as it was before, but we still very much enjoy them both this time around. Without Thurman Merman and Willie, the movie would have floundered more and my rating would be lower. But as it is, 'Bad Santa 2' is nothing special, yet not an abysmal failure.

Reviewed by mpaulso 8 / 10 / 10

Cash Grab

This seems strictly like a cash grab. It had twice the crudeness from the original but only half the story.

Reviewed by vmmvieira 8 / 10 / 10

Another Christmas movie classic, not to be seen with the family

This movie is better enjoyed after watching the first. There are plot points that are relevant. But regardless of this, just like the first movie it is a hilarious adult comedy. I just binge watched both and the first one is just a tad better. Perhaps because of the originality, bu the second contains more profanity.... hummm tough choice. Not juvenile sexual humor, rather very serious and extremely funny. Highly recommended.

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