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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sebastian_goofy 6 / 10 / 10

Popcorn movie at its best

Now, some people say this is just your standard genuine popcorn movie- and they're right. There is no big surprise, no overly brilliant acting, no twisted story, no well known producer (you all know who I'm talking about..).. But it's a very well made, nice to see movie. Acting is good. Or better, it's like it should be in any movie. Photography seems sometimes a little bit careless, but it's OK- it does the trick. Directing is well done. To get to this conclusion, I compared that flick to Last Boy Scout, because it's basically almost the same background. And I have to say: while LBS is supported by the acting of Bruce Willis, this movie is founded on the acting of each actor. They all do well, the evil guy is convincingly evil (flat character maybe, but hey- it's a popcorn flick, don't forget!), the effects are pleasing, the story is neat, and the director does his best to put all of this on the screen so you can enjoy the picture. What do you want more? A bag of popcorn.

Reviewed by mhasheider 9 / 10 / 10

Somewhat funny and well-paced action thriller.

Somewhat funny and well-paced action thriller that has Jamie Foxx as a hapless, fast-talking hoodlum who is chosen by an overly demanding U.S. Treasury Agent (David Morse) to be released on the streets of New York to find a picky computer thief/hacker (Doug Hutchinson), who stole forty-two million dollars from the treasury and left two guards shot dead. "Bait" marks the sophomore feature for Antoine Fuqua ("The Replacement Killers") and he handles the task fairly well even though it doesn't top his first movie. What the two films have in common is the action sequences, which are flat-out excellent. Foxx is pretty good here although his character is annoying in the beginning, but throughout the film, I began to catch on. Hutchinson is marvelous as the mastermind who can be ruthless as John Malkovich and patient as the late Laurence Olivier was in "Marathon Man". Morse is okay as the agent who comes up with the ingenious plan to get whoever did it at all cost.

Reviewed by Rachel_J 9 / 10 / 10

Really Enjoyable Movie

I really liked this movie. Of course the idea is pretty much out there...the federal government arranging to have a tracking device implanted into the jaw of an small-time thief to lure a more dangerous thief/computer hacker out of hiding. But Alvin Sanders, the man who the feds have "volunteered" to be implanted with the device, is a very likable person and it turns out to be a lot of fun getting in his head with him for a little while. Alvin even eventually proves himself to be much more than a good-humored but passive or one-dimensional character when he shows that he is not nearly as easily manipulated as he may seem. Definetly worth a watch.

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