Ballad in Blue

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Dawn Addams as Zeta
Mary Peach as Fay
Ray Charles as Himself
Tom Bell as Antonio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 3 / 10 / 10

Only for Ray Charles fans

This is an example of the musicals of the 60s where pop stars or musicians were featured who weren't really actors so the story has to be fitted around their talents.In this instance the main aspect of Ray Charles featured,apart from his music,is his blindness.A desire to help a blind boy have an operation which might restore his sight.Unfortunately the boy is played by Piers Bishop,in a flat monotone voice.Rather like a speak your weight machine.This becomes extremely grating on the ear.A good part of the film is occupied by Ray Charles in concert.So if you are a fan of his you can ignore the tripe that passes for a story.If you don't it's probably better to fast forward the whole film.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca / 10

Family drama with some great tunes

BALLAD IN BLUE is a star vehicle for famous musician Ray Charles, here playing himself in a story in which he becomes involved in the life of a put-upon blind boy in desperate need of an eye operation to restore his sight. This American production was filmed in Ireland by an American company with financial issues but looks reasonably good for its era. It's a family drama with added music and it's safe to say that with a musician of Charles's calibre, the musical segments are great and very toe-tapping. The rest of the story isn't bad ever, showing how persistence and spirit can overcome adversity. Like a lot of mid-20th century movies, the backdrop alone is of interest, but child actor Piers Bishop deserves kudos for his deeply convincing turn as the blind child; he was equally good in the tense thriller TOMORROW AT TEN made the previous year.

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