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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10 / 10

Embarrassing, almost everything gone wrong here

"Bandits" is a German 110-minute movie from 1997, so this one has its 20th anniversary this year. Katja von Garnier is the director here and also one of the writers and this is not the only occasion she worked with actress Katja Riemann. But probably the worst, at least I hope so. Yes I just wrote "writers", which means that actually several people worked on this movie and they still did not see all the flaws that are wrong with it. And even if I am generally a bit biased when it comes to Riemann, I still can only shake my head at her winning a German Film Award for this film. The entire plot has nothing to do with realism. This refers to the biggest crucial parts and events as well as the details. This is the story of a group of musicians who manage to break out while they are supposed to give a concert. Okay, so the police are huge idiots here and they really screwed up, but what happens next is even more embarrassing. While on the run, the gang turns into successful musicians and they are cheered at by audiences. Why? Why? Why? There are criminals on the run. Oh yes lets buy their records, won't we? And the police still can't catch them despite all this. Embarrassing stuff. Needless to say that the music in this film is extremely mediocre from start to finish, sometimes weak and this still makes it better than all the rest I guess. Now if they keep getting away from the police, they have to be somewhat criminal masterminds right? Nope not at all. Pretty much all of them act like fools on several occasions. Stupid romance plots include a romance story between a hostage and one of the criminals. Think of OitNB, Prison Break, Vier Minuten etc. and think of everything that could have gone wrong with these movies but didn't. Then you can basically imagine what to expect here. In order to keep audiences (especially horny men I guess) from seeing all the flaws with this movie they included a graphic sex scene including the not so unattractive Jasmin Tabatabai. Oh yeah, the young Nicolette Krebitz' looks are probably by far the best thing about this movie. I am honestly glad she makes films nowadays that are far superior to what we have here. But performance-wise nobody stands out at all, even if the script certainly did not help anybody here at all. But it is especially embarrassing in the case of Katja Riemann who I consider a quite untalented actress and who built her success and the fact that she still gets cast in lead roles two decades later on garbage films like this one here. No idea what awards bodies were thinking. Overall, this film is certainly a contender for worst film of 1997 and also a contender for being among the worst films of the 1990s from everywhere. I highly recommend to stay far far away. Also it proves that the likes of Jaenicke, Sawatzki etc. are people who score through recognition value and charisma and definitely not through great range. The crime plot in the center of it all is as crap as everything else in this movie. Nothing makes sense. And sadly, it is also overlong with an embarrassing final sequence/performance. Nothing feels realistic or authentic. Do. Not. Watch.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 7 / 10 / 10

this is a gem

There have been many movies about people escaping from jail, but few (maybe none) are like "Bandits". It focuses on a group of disgruntled young women in a German prison. When they get a chance to play outside the prison, they naturally use that chance to escape. But that's where the movie takes a surprise turn. The become the most popular band in the country. It's a really funny movie (yes, the Germans can be funny). I particularly liked some of the things that they said while packing airplane utensils, and just the way that one of the women had a sarcastic attitude and chose to go around bending the rules just a little. A modern classic.

Reviewed by =G= 7 / 10 / 10

Now that's what I call a Band on the Run.

Telling of a rock group of four imprisoned females who escape and enjoy overnight commercial musical success because of their notoriety, "Bandits" is not of the sexsational genre of B-flicks about women in prison commonplace in America. Instead it is a stylish, artfully shot sort of quasi-musical-drama-rock-video out of Germany with verve, solid music, a creative story, and a captivating screenplay. "Bandits", which received high marks from critics and viewers, is just real enough to get involved with while being just unreal enough to make rooting for the escapees easily rationalized. Love the ending. Worth a look for those into "girl power" and rock music.

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