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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by falcon135 6 / 10 / 10

Three class performances, an original plot and a humorous script make for one entertaining film

Bandits is an interesting original film about two outlaws, Joe Blake and Terry Collins (Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton) whom, after escaping from prison decide to continue their bank robbing spree but with a different tactic. They kidnap the bank manager,take him to work the following morning and get him to open the vault without the complications of tellers and customers. This works successfully until they run into Kate (played to perfection by Cate Blanchett in an overlooked role).Kate is an overworked stressed out housewife who decides she needs some action in her dull life. She forms a romantic relationship with Joe and starts to rob banks with them, a little extreme for a mid- life crisis don't you think?. Later in the film she falls for Terry. Cate becomes torn between the two and a rift is formed between the thieves. This is the interesting dilemma explored in this film as the two cannot afford to be torn apart as all they have in life is each other. This film is funnier than you would expect, it plays more as a comedy than a crime film. Willis nicely escapes his cop persona in the role of Smooth likable Joe Blake. Thornton is superbly funny as Collins, the neurotic paranoid partner. As aforementioned, Blanchett is perfect as the love interest. The ending is enjoyable if not a little expected. The one big flaw in this film is that Thornton's character, though entertaining is clearly not the criminal type. Though the relationship between the two main characters is touching. Bandits is a funny, enjoyable, original comedy that I recommend to everyone. Go out and see this film. There will hardly be a moment in it that you will not adore.

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 8 / 10 / 10

Very Different Comedic Crime Caper...If You've Never Seen It You Should Correct That.

A movie about bandits robbing banks? Well, in a way Bandits is that. It happens to be more about the couple of guys who are the bandits. That makes it more than a crime caper. This movie pulls you in but hardly due to criminal behavior as it quickly becomes a story of the relationship between two disparate prison escapees. In this way the movie rises to something different, and better. First there's two interesting main characters who play the escapee bandits. The creation of these characters through intelligent and witty writing brings makes their union especially good. What really brings the two to life is the portrayals of these two by Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton. They raise excellent writing to a high level indeed through their individual talent and pure chemistry. Part of the synergy between the two is certainly their often opposite approaches to life. Willis's smoothness is accentuated by Thornton's nervous brainy take on their situation. It's like mixing oil and vinegar and with some added spices a great union results making each better. The great enjoyment of this movie is seeing their diversity coming together in snappy dialog and brilliant answers in the form of their actions. The added spices are quite well realized with their mentally affected driver Harvey played gloriously off-center by Troy Garity and a great lost and lonely female love interest Kate played by the often scene stealing Kate Blanchett. With Willis and Thornton's roles being played out so well it's a high praise that Garity and Blanchett keep up so well. As a viewer the criminal thing is just a vehicle for some quite special characters to unfold around. You will relish their interplay much more than than the crimes they commit I won't spoil the actual story other than to say it's a very good palate in which all involved paint a modest masterpiece of characters you invest in and root for. The ever present thread of comedy is the string that ties it together for pure entertainment. Great colorful characters, a good story (sure there's plenty of holes and not a one that matters), witty and smart dialogue, and nice music seal this deal, director Barry Levisnon wrapped up one fantastic ride!

Reviewed by Davis P 8 / 10 / 10

Entertaining, well done film

Bandits (2001) is a movie of many genres. It's got some comedic material, action, romance, and some drama too. It's about 2 infamous bank robbers and a woman who they meet along the way. It stars Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett. The film is done very well overall. Good writing, very good performances all around, and good chemistry between the three leads. The romance comes into play as a sort of love triangle between Blanchett, Willis, and Thornton. It's interesting because the characters are developed well, they have a certain depth to them. If you think this movie will be all action because it's about bank robbers and centers on crime, then you've got it wrong. The action aspect of the movie doesn't make up a lot of time, it's mostly a character based movie, it focuses on these pretty damaged people and tells their story as robbers and what all they go through. The film is very entertaining and it definitely keeps your attention the entire way through. If you want a film that focuses on well developed characters, has a little romance, and crime mixed in as well... then you'll probably like this one. 8/10 for Bandits.

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