Barney's Great Adventure


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joebrian55 4 / 10 / 10

Mediocre... but still better than I expected it to be

Well... I have not watched Barney in years, because I am now 16 and I have grown out of it. But even at my age, I feel that every once in a while I need to relive the cutest and most charming moments of my life. To clarify, I never saw Barney's Great Adventure as a kid, but I only saw it just today on YouTube. I was checking it out to see if it was as bad as most people claim it to be and expected it to be a big waste of my time and really annoying, though admittedly I skipped an irrelevant musical number, but it turned out to be a movie that was, in my opinion, fine for little children. On the other hand, the real negative points are... the story is somewhat clichéd (i.e. disgruntled kid on their grandparent's farm during the summer and wanting fun, the race against time plot etc.), the film's message, at times, is often skewed. For example, just imagining something becomes something else does not happen instantly... for example, a fallen tree does not become a wooden airplane in 30 seconds just by imagining. On the plus side, the children could act OK, the visual effects, though sub-par, do look convincing to a toddler, and the ending with the little creature from the egg was admittedly kinda cute. And I'll give the movie credit for attempting to provide a good first time outing at the theatres for kids, as well as encouraging kids to imagine, but if you're a parent, grandparent, babysitter, teacher, caretaker etc., then you'll want to explain the real meaning of the message to kids. ... All in all, I realized how pessimistic I was at first and that I shouldn't always expect the worse to happen.

Reviewed by wlsv1982 2 / 10 / 10

Movie or slow-motion projectile vomiting captured on film?

Barney the Dinosaur on television is tolerable. At least it has some educational value. This film, however, smokes the proverbial pole like few other children's films ever have. It is almost as if the producers wanted to see what an entire movie made of first takes would look like. The children are insipid, the adult actors were probably hired from casting calls at community theaters or special needs living facilities and the Dino-characters are more annoying than the squeakiest Pokemon you could imagine. This is a perfect example of an opportunity to make a good film out of an already successful television character squandered by lazy production and lack of funding. You would likely get more use from 5 dollars by eating it than spending it on this DVD.

Reviewed by klchu 2 / 10 / 10

Insipid and made my daughter cry

I know it's cool to hate Barney, but this really is a bad movie. The TV show, as dumb as it is, at least entertains kids. This movie actually frightened my four year old daughter. She didn't enjoy the movie and only watched it to make sure everything was okay by the end. She was sad and anxious most of the movie. The "plot" is nothing but a serious of perilous events, one after another, with the occasional (and out of place) Barney song interlude. Adults will hate everything about this movie. The movie is also very dark and hard to see much of the time. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, even Barney fans.

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