Batman and Harley Quinn

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John DiMaggio as Killer Croc
Kevin Michael Richardson as Cheeks / Ray Ray
Melissa Rauch as Melanie
Mindy Sterling as Hazel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timo-vermeulen 8 / 10 / 10

I Loved it!

Granted, as most of you are saying here, the movie was not what was expected it to be. Nonetheless, i found it great. Most of the review up here are talking about how it's an insult to the original animated series but what you forget is that this is not an episode of that series. This is a stand alone feature film in the same style of the series. This means they used their original designs en animation style of the series and that's it. And being a feature film animator myself, they took that style to a whole new level with this movie. I loved the improved animation in the action sequences and it really worked well for me. Animation overall was better than what they did in the series. The Musical number was indeed a strange choice but i enjoyed it anyway. Especially when batman starts tapping his finger. Of course, this is completely off character but still it works and showed us that he does like music. What I think it boils down to is that most people expected to see batman, Nightwing, Harley... in their traditional way, the way they know these characters. What we got instead was a movie where the character were very human. A great example of this, and some people might find it distasteful, is the Harley/ Nightwing sequence. It made Nightwing much more human for me. He is a man, she is a sexy girl. How would you react? Another example is the ex boyfriend. This shows that Harley had a life and boyfriends and breakups. Sound familiar. Just think about it, this gave the character so much more depth then just being the villain we all know and love. Even the fart joke, I think a perfectly timed fart joke is timeless and is funny to anyone. And again that made characters more human with bodily functions. I personally think this is a very enjoyable mature superhero movie in a unconventional way and i will recommend it.

Reviewed by midosadek 3 / 10 / 10


This is probably the worst batman animated adaptation ever even batman the killing joke is better just avoid watching this mess

Reviewed by jodyfranz 3 / 10 / 10

Started off ok, ended poorly

There are spoilers ahead but I feel ok about that since there are SO many better DC Batman titles to watch out there than this garbage. It started off not bad, I liked the cutesy opening credits, from which I was thinking ok this is probably going to be a bit different so keep an open mind. The story was meh - Harley sleeping with Nightwing felt a little weird but I thought ok whatever remember this will be different so just go with it. The fart scene was totally not in line with typical Batman movies/shows and I found the line "Smells like discipline" was pretty funny (will be using that in real life). Everything was tolerable until the very end where we encounter some of the weakest writing I have ever witness. I felt like I was watching something my 12 year old nephew would write. 'They were fighting and fighting and fighting... then they fought some more... then swamp thing shows up and then the bad guy wins but then batman lights him on fire and he runs away...THE END' I can't even remember the dozen's of other animated DC movies I have seen ALL of them are more worthy of your time than this thing. Total garbage, only reason I don't give it a 1 is because I have seen movies like Guilty by Association and this as bad as it is, is not as bad as that movie.

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