Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

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Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman / Lois Lane
Michael McKean as New Mark
Tara Strong as Raven / Computer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Cumba 10 / 10 / 10

You don't get it son. This is an Operating table and I am the surgeon...

A wonderful translation of the Frank Miller Novel brought to life on the Screen. Animation was excellent, the Tone was perfect and when watching this Animated Movie, I felt completely drawn in to the world that Frank Miller had created back in 1986. The movie was amazing and I cannot wait until Part two comes out. The second half of part 1 really set the tone for part two and it really leaves the viewer in anticipation - with a big smile... At first, I was a little disappointing when I didn't hear Kevin Convoy's voice as Batman. But it didn't take long for me to get used to the choice they made to play Batman (Peter Weller). With an aging Bruce Wayne/Batman; he set just the right tone to the character. You can hear the struggle he goes through before finally deciding to don the cowl of the caped crusader once more - and when he does - he is back with a vengeance. A seasoned veteran with the knowledge and courage to take on crime... I loved it! Congratulations to the team that brought us this great adaptation and I hope that this is just the first of many that can be brought to the screen...

Reviewed by Robert McElwaine 8 / 10 / 10

Despite a couple of discernible flaws this makes for an uncompromisingly gritty opening chapter

Batman has long since disappeared since his crime-fighting days but now at the age of 55, Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl to return to the streets of Gotham City to take on old enemy, Harvey "Two-Face" Dent for what should be the last time. Meanwhile the maniacal gang of hoodlums known as, The Mutants plague the streets of the towering metropolis with an impending confrontation with their vicious, sadistic leader on the cards. The latest in a fairly long list of animated adaptations or interpretations of the Batman mythos to be brought to the screen, The Dark Knight Returns was based on the four part 1986 graphic novel by the now legendary, Frank Miller. The very man who's formidable imagination brought forth such renowned works as, Sin City and Watchmen to name but two and seemingly had no involvement in any advisory or technical capacity. And if this full length version, (it was originally released in two chapters on two individual DVD releases) is anything to go by he needn't had done so as from from what I gather it remains irrevocably faithful to it's source material. It focus's on how Bruce Wayne (voiced by; Peter Weller best known for his iconic role in 1980's sci-fi action hit, Robocop) who has long since retired after the untimely demise of Jason Todd, the second Robin., making him feel compelled to return to a life of vigilantism. Gotham it seems is an even grimmer, meaner city metropolis that has become more of a breeding ground for crime and is descending in to inevitable anarchy. Arguably and some might claim irrefutably the most gritty and uncompromising depiction of the Dark Knight, it doesn't make it any less riveting and complex all be it implausible. Adroitly selecting the criminally unhinged Harvey "Two Face" Dent (Wade Williams) as the early antagonist who partially instigates the millionaire son of Gotham to don the cape and cowl once more, his dual nature is an ideal adage to the themes of the first half of the movie which explore duality. There's Bruce Wayne's double identity as the aged industrialist and the avenging Batman, with the divisiveness of public opinion over whether he is a positive force for change in Gotham or a self-imposed, meddling vigilante menace that is part of the problem and not the solution. They're handled adeptly via vox pops with Gothamites which are to be broadcast on the local news stations. Derivative it may be be but it still has the desired effect. There's also the dual sides of the official and unofficial iconic symbols of justice, a 70 year old Commissioner James Gordon (David Selby) who is on the verge of retiring with old friend and ally, Bruce entering again in to the battlefield streets of their once beloved city. One's on his way out as the other one is finding himself drawn right back in. There scenes together are relatively sparse but they hit the right note of bitter-sweet poignancy which compliments it's darker more brooding tone. Dent aside; the genuine and more prominent threat in the first half is the brutal and ominous gang which is practically an army of degenerate hoodlums calling themselves, The Mutants. Led by the imposing, towering presence of the maniacal Mutant Leader who as a figurehead personifies their carnal savagery concisely. Not since Bane; have we seen a nemesis that is potentially a match for the Batman, but then at 55 years of age he is irretrievably past his prime. But this is Bruce Wayne and although his physical frame has become more beleaguered with age, his mettle hasn't. Peter Weller with the subtlety of his nuanced vocal performance oozes a quiet resolute firmness that barely seems to waver. Returning momentarily to the themes of duality, there's the welcome if tried and tested addition of a new Robin, this time given the then more fresh spin of being a high spirited (are they anything else?) teenage girl named Carrie Kelly and voiced with likable spunky idealism by Ariel Winter. However, given Bruce Wayne's previous reluctance and the impetus behind his retirement, one wonders if his readiness to accept young Miss Kelly to be is latest sidekick is to push foward the plot. It feels like expedience being a rationale for forgoing some semblance of plausibility. All the same her addition makes for a wonderful story arc. All in all, and despite some discernible flaws; Chapter 1 get's this non-canon addition to the saga to a searingly intense start. The vocal talents are of the highest order, and with the formidable artistic deign and the fluidity of the animation; as well as the insinuated return of, The Joker teasing fans to purchase the second chapter, I doubt it would take much persuading.

Reviewed by DCfan 8 / 10 / 10

Robocop decided to become Batman

I saw this movie back in 2015 a week before my dad was about to come home from his holiday. This movie was super amazing it is nice having a Batman that is not even voiced by Kevin Conroy. This movie did well portray a brief segment that was used in The New Batman Adventures episode "Legends of the dark knight" and making it into a whole movie. This movie even had clever jokes and scenes when Batman hung a mutant upside down when saving a toddler and when Batman was fighting the mutant leader. This film is definitely worth the watch if you love the comics.

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