Beat Street

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Duane Jones as Ben
Rae Dawn Chong as Joan Armstrong
Victor Williams as Onlooker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JawsOfJosh 8 / 10 / 10

The best of all the breakdancing films.

Of all the breakdancing / hip-hop films released between 1983 and 1986, the 1984 film Beat Street is unquestionably the best one. The story follows a DJ, his younger breakdancing brother, a graffiti artist and a wanna-be showbiz promoter through one winter in which they try to break out of the ghetto using their "street" talent. The acting isn't always up to par and the characters aren't fully drawn out, but they are more than compensated for by down-to-earth dialogue, a plausible story, fantastic dancing sequences and a timeless hip-hop sound track. It should be noted this film was shot in the birthplace of breakdancing ("This ain't New York, this is the Bronx!"), and features appearances by the fathers of breakdancing, dance troupe Rock Steady Crew and rapper Afrika Bambaata. Rock Steady Crew provide the best scene in the film when they dominate a dance battle at the premiere breakdancing club of the early 80's, the Roxy. A must see for hip-hop lovers.

Reviewed by arnis12 10 / 10 / 10

Masterpiece of 80's nostalgia

Cinematically, this film stinks. So does a lot of the acting. But I don't care. If there is a strong representation of what the 80's were like(For a lot of us in the innercity anyways) and what hip-hop, Zulu nation, and break dancing were really like.Great music, great dancing! It almost seems like a documentary of a time now past when hip-hop was a way of life. It's also interesting to see New York looking like ground zero from a nuclear attack. Some viewers may be too young to remember that It was a poor, run down city during the 70's and 80's. This is the best of all the hip-hop/break dancing movies that came out around that period. Of course the 80's are considered a joke now with all the bad tv shows and movies, but those of us who lived through it will always remember it fondly for a time when music, dancing, and graffiti were fresh, yo!

Reviewed by jack31961 10 / 10 / 10

A Piece Of American History.

This started out to be a movie about the street culture of the Bronx in New York. What it accomplished was to give birth to a new culture and way of life, for American youth. What other movie has done this except Rebel Without A Cause? One of the most important movies of all time. The elements are simple yet fascinating. The story is timeless, young people try to succeed against all odds. Yet the story is always believable and never depressing. The characters are so realistic, a city dweller, would recognize them as neighbors. The story is entertaining, and comes to a satisfying ending. Buy this one for your permanent collection. It is a piece of American history.

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