Because I Said So

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Gabriel Macht as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrinehart7 1 / 10 / 10

Hysterically bad.

I got dragged in seeing this movie and knew it was going to be bad, but no where did I expect it to be THIS bad. You have the typical, over-dramatic and over-bearing mother, who's part might have been semi-humorous if it wasn't overdone. Anyway, there was a huge monologue where the mother was just ranting about how hard it is being a single mother, blah blah blah, with 3 kids...and I guess it was supposed to be a serious scene for the movie, but I literally started laughing hysterically with tears in my eyes. It was just sooo tacky and corny that this movie is hard to take seriously at all. And Mandy Moore, she gets these two guys attracted to her for God knows what reason...She's a one-dimensional character with no depth to her personality and it really makes you wonder why these guys have a thing for her. Anyway, she gets caught seeing both of them...expected cliché...she chooses the struggling musician over the successful architect...blah blah. Same ol' same ol'. Definitely an original storyline there. Also, if they could have had one more scene with them trying to find the cell phone in her crowded purse or in the oven, or might have been funny! K...maybe not. Anyhow, I'd give this a 0 if it was an option.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 3 / 10 / 10

The chickiest flick I have ever seen in my life

Oh, my God, I swear I nearly killed myself while my friend and I were watching this movie. I'm not a chick flick girl and this movie is the reason why. Now I actually do love a few chick flicks that are fun, clever, and just harmless. This movie is extremely harmful to anyone who watches it, after watching this movie I felt like shoe shopping, listening to Sarah McLaughlin, bonding with my mother, moving my furniture, talking about boys, and baking cookies. This is the ultimate stereotype for women and makes us just look oh so bad. But it looked cute from the cover and I like Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, so I wanted to give this movie a chance, but instead it just wasted my time and made me throw up a little in my mouth. I know that sounds bad since I'm a girl, but how in the heck was I supposed to like these characters? They were awful. Daphne is a protective, manipulative, and pesky little mother who just loves her daughters more than most mothers should. She's especially obsessed with her baby daughter, Milly, who is having a hard time in the love department. Daphne takes out an ad on the internet as a mom looking for her daughter's life partner. She meets Jason, a promising guy who is stable, and a guy, Johnny, a musician with a psychotic son that she's convinced is a heart breaker. Milly meets them both looking "like chance" and she has to decide between stable, rich Jason or sensitive, loving Johnny. You can figure it out from here. Seriously, these characters were horrible, just first off Daphne just comes off as a possessive and psychotic mom who needs a life so badly, because she's living it through her daughter's. Then Milly, she's dating and sleeping with these two guys at once and then when she gets busted, she's crying and we're supposed to feel bad for her? Why wasn't she just honest with the guys in the first place? The ending was horribly cliché'd as a chick flick film and was incredibly disturbing in some moments. This is an awful movie, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are the ultimate chick flick fan. 1/10

Reviewed by Buddy-51 3 / 10 / 10

sitcom-level romantic comedy

If you can swallow the beautiful and sexy Mandy Moore as an uncoordinated doofus with low self-esteem who can't find a decent guy to go out with her, then you may be able to get into the spirit of "Because I said So." However, you'll also have to put up with Diane Keaton in a truly grating performance as a neurotic control freak of a mother who spends most of her time obsessing over the romantic travails of her youngest daughter, going so far as to post an ad on an internet dating site seeking out prospective husbands for the unsuspecting girl. The actions of this modern-day Yenta the Matchmaker set into motion a whole host of sitcom-level complications and romantic comedy hijinks that are somehow supposed to be funny but wind up being merely irritating. The screenplay by Karen Leigh Hopkins and Jessie Nelson comes replete with a bevy of mother/daughter relationship clichés, with some really lame slapstick routines - Keaton getting stuck on an internet porn site, Keaton getting run over by a skater in a park, Keaton getting a cake in her face etc. - thrown in for bad measure. Beyond Keaton and Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott and Lauren Graham are just some of the other unfortunate actors trapped inside this "chick flick" fiasco.

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