Before the Fall


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10 / 10


I saw this at the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) and although the director came out after the movie and tried to explain why he made the third act, the way he made it, I still wasn't really completely behind him or his concept. It is of course an independent production (even if a Mr. Banderas co-produced it or whatever) and the director was more than likable. But I, and many other as I can see by the votes here on IMDb, couldn't get over that final act and it's strange turn of events. While the movie had many things going for it, up until that point (decent acting, a scenario where many things were possible and or plausible, especially because it is sci-fi after all), it seems to even hop genres at the end. What has worked for other directors before doesn't apply here. Unfortunately, because I really would have loved the movie more if it stayed, in it's lane (again the ending will appall many viewers, beware!)

Reviewed by ma-cortes 10 / 10 / 10

Apocalyptic thriller , artfully and competently written/directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez

This is a mix of drama, thrills , terror and end of world doom and gloom ; add to that a really magnificent cast . The world learns that a planet killing meteorite will arrive in 72 hours . A giant meteorite is about to collide with Earth, and horrible events spread across the planet , then there emerging panic as well as creepy and eerie happenings happen . The planet is gripped by despair , destruction , massacre and chaos. The inhabitants of the little town of Laguna listen to theTV news in terror . One of them is Ale (Víctor Clavijo) who lives with his mother (Mariana Cordero) and her four grandsons . Later on , Ale to take care of the children . Then , Lucio (Eduard Fernández) , a weird and suspect individual shows up and things go wrong . The horror and action moments are fast moving and compactly realized . Gory and spooky terror/sci-Fi film is entertaining for fans of the genre . The main premise turns out the be the following : What would you do if the world was going to end in 72 hours? This exciting picture contains intense drama , thrills, chills , graphic violence ,and action-filled . This is an effective and simple movie ; it results to be an acceptable Spanish horror , including functional special effects realized in traditional style, including brief C.G. The picture results to be interesting and thought-provoking because of his rich analysis of human morality in the context of extreme conditions . The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely horrifying to the bizarre along with scary and amazing frames . It is a great roller-coaster ride, from beginning to end , though action and terror really starts when a rare role show up . Victor Clavijo gives a very good acting as a young decides to spend his last days shut away, getting drunk and listening to music, but his schemes change when he is forced to protect his brother's children. As well as Eduard Fernández as an ambiguous, disturbing stranger . It packs suspenseful and thrilling musical score by Antonio Meliveo . And colorful and glimmer cinematography by Miguel Ángel Mora . In 2007, Gutiérrez received an offer from Antonio Banderas and Antonio P. Pérez to write and direct his first feature film, Before the Fall (2008). The film premiered at the official section "Special Panorama" at the Berlin Film Festival and gained traction in Europe. He also directed a piece for the series Diminutos del Calvario II. Gutiérrez's piece, La habitación de Norman (Norman's Room), a claustrophobic tribute to Hitchcock's Psycho, was praised by film fan magazines and websites in the United States. And he founded in 2001 his own Film Production Company: "Dr. T Producciones Cinematograficas, S.L.". Subsequently , he made the successful ¨Rings¨ (2017) . This ¨Tres días¨ had several awards : Goya Awards 2009 Winner Goya Best Sound . Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2008 (Mejor Sonido) Winner Best First Screenplay F. Javier Gutiérrez ,Juan Velarde Winner Golden Biznaga F. Javier Gutiérrez , Winner Silver Biznaga Best Supporting Actress : Mariana Cordero and Best Make-Up . Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2009 Winner CEC Award Best Editing Nacho Ruiz Capillas , CEC Award Best Cinematography Miguel Ángel Mora . Sci-Fi Channel Audience Award and Jury's Special Mention in the Nantes International Science-Fiction Festival (France). Best Feature Film Award in the Trieste International Science-Fiction Film Festival (Italy) . Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2009 Winner Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver F. Javier Gutiérrez .Screamfest 2009 was Winner Festival Trophy Best Actor: Víctor Clavijo , Best Cinematography: Miguel Ángel Mora , Best Director : F. Javier Gutiérrez, Best Editing : Nacho Ruiz Capillas . And the movie was #3 in the 2008 International Watch List, the list of the best foreign movies of the year elaborated by Hollywood studio executives every year.

Reviewed by Coventry 10 / 10 / 10

Battling to witness the end of existence

I personally cherish a vast fascination for apocalyptic-themed Sci-Fi & horror movies and have seen a truckload of titles in this style, but I can honestly state I have never seen anything quite like Javier Guttierez' "Before the Fall". It's one of the most emotionally unsettling, uniquely structured, unpretentiously honest and hauntingly beautiful movies I've ever seen in my life. "Before the Fall" isn't just a movie about an all-devastating meteorite; this is a movie about choices, personal sacrifices, unconditional devotion, persistence and even a tiny sparkle of hope. The vast majority of "the-end-is-near" movies deal with trying to find a method to prevent the apocalypse from happening and/or focus on a small group of people as they are preparing a new beginning for after the complete destruction. Guttierez' film – deeply impressive for a long feature debut – makes it pretty clear and irrefutable that there isn't any chance left of avoiding or surviving the Armageddon. The fade has been determined and everyone's doomed, but this magnificent parable handles about HOW to spend those precious last numbered days. This concept is utmost simplistic and straightforward but actually I haven't seen it in any other movie ever before, so even that "Before the Fall" is similar to a whole list of movies, it constantly feels original and courageous. The governments of all nations in the world one morning announce that a large meteorite will inevitably collide with earth in three days. They knew it longer already, but waited with the announcement in order to avoid anarchy, mass-hysteria and chaos as much as possible. That quickly turns out a wise decision, as anarchy, mass-hysteria and chaos are the only things ensuing after the announcement. The plot follows Ale, a small town carpenter who still lives with his mother and is generally regarded as a lazy and non-ambitious lowlife. Ale always lived in the shadows of his older brother Thomas, who became an immortal hero after helping to capture a notorious child murderer 15 years ago. Thomas is now successful, married and the father of four children. Immediately after the announcement of the upcoming apocalypse, riots in prison cause all criminals to escape, including the child murderer. Ale's mother is convinced the killer wants revenge against Thomas, but since he and his wife are abroad, she begs Ale to accompany her and protect the children. Ale is reluctant to spend existence's final three days babysitting, but gradually changes his mind as he notices the threat of the child killer is for real and because his nieces and nephews are still unaware of the imminent apocalypse. "Before the Fall" unfolds as a tragic drama, then converts into a highly exciting action-thriller and then eventually converts back into a tragic drama. Throughout the entire middle section, when Ale is trying to safeguard the children from a potential serial killer, the suspense and ambiance are so intense that you almost forget the Armageddon is approaching as well. Ale fights a battle to protect the kids and survive himself as well … only to die all together a couple of days later. As a viewer you constantly know this, but still you support and hope for Ale and the kids to remain alive as long as possible and even longer. "Before the Fall" is an enchanting, beautiful and thought-provoking movie with stupendous acting performances, chilling music and breath-taking filming locations. Careful sensitive viewers, as the movie also contains a handful of confronting bits of harsh violence, graphic bloodshed and nihilistic carnage. Easily the most overwhelming and dazzlingly brilliant movie I've seen in the past years; nothing short of a masterpiece.

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