Beloved Sisters

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kleiner_fuchs 4 / 10 / 10

trivial tapestry

(note: I watched the short version, about 140 minutes, of this film) Beautiful landscapes, beautiful interiors with subtle natural lighting, beautiful actors and some beautiful moments don't save this film from being a serious disappointment that may be tolerable on a TV screen, but certainly not on a cinema screen. Allegedly this is a story about passion, and early on in the film there is a promising moment when Schiller, soaking wet and half-frozen after rescuing a child out of a stream, is warmed up by the sisters clinging to his body; this was quite erotic, but sadly it remained the only erotic moment in the whole film. The director's approach to sensuality and passion here is much too buttoned up; the result is bland and soporific. You can't have women like Herzsprung and Confurius in such a film and never have them undress; this is simply inexcusable. I won't talk about the score here; the music is so irrelevant that it doesn't even affect the film negatively. I'd like to talk about scenes: Usually, a film, be it a Hollywood film or an art film, is made of scenes; a succession of scenes, with each individual scene having a beginning, an ending, a development in between, and a relation to the preceding and to the following scenes. Dominik Graf obviously doesn't believe in scenes. Take, for example, the beginning of his film: First shot is a close-up of Confurius sitting in a coach. I expected that I would get to know this character now and that I would be guided into the world of the film. Well, I was wrong. Suddenly an ugly voice-over starts explaining who this girl is and what she is about to do. Then we cut to something else. So what about the opening scene? There simply is no opening scene! This is terrible. Imagine a writer writing a novel and not even getting his first sentence right. The editing is terrible throughout. I remember at one point there is a cut to a wide shot of a street, and about half a second later there is another cut away to something else before we even had time to appreciate what is going on in this street. Terrible. However, the general problem concerning the editing is not that it is too fast, but (and I don't know if the writer/director or the editor is to blame for it) that the editor was incapable of giving the story a compelling structure, a recognizable rhythm. Instead of a succession of meaningful scenes we get an erratic tapestry of meaningless pretty shots, and even if these shots group themselves to a kind of individual scene from time to time, there is no weight behind it, no sense that this scene had to start at exactly this point and had to end at exactly that point. In contrast to the sad mess that "Die geliebten Schwestern" is, you may want to have a look at Kubrick's "Lolita" (there may be many other good examples, but this film comes to my mind right now as a benchmark for masterful writing): Instead of trying to cram as many scenes of Nabokov's novel as possible into the screenplay, they wrote mainly long or very long unforgettable scenes, that give the actors time to breathe and to unfold. Bottom line: If you love the art of filmmaking and wan't to spare yourself some serious frustration, I don't recommend this one.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 5 / 10 / 10

Disappointing, gives a bad name to German cinema

"Die geliebten Schwestern" or "Beloved Sisters" was written and directed by Dominik Graf, a man in his 60s with a long career in TV and film industry who has worked with pretty much every big German name in terms of acting. Recently, he was responsible for the very much lauded German TV series "Im Angesicht des Verbrechens". The three lead actors in "Beloved Sisters" come from Henriette Confurius as Charlotte von Lengefeld, Hannah Herzsprung as Caroline von Lengefeld and Florian Stetter as famous poet Friedrich Schiller. It is basically all about their triangle relationship and the other men and women in their (love) lives. The result is like a huge colorful and beautifully decorated package with a sparkling twisted bow. And without anything inside. The costumes and art directions/set decorations are all fine as far as I can be a judge of that, but that is pretty much it. The acting is forgettable, sometimes cringeworthy. The writing is shoddy from start to finish. One example: Of course the husband to the older sister had to come the very moment she was in bed with Schiller. This film is the epitome of a mediocre period piece with no memorable features at all. Confurius and Stetter did not have a single scene that wowed me and Herzsprung was the negative standout, just like in her previous schmaltzy romance movie "Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen". I really wonder what the German Film academy was thinking when they chose this movie as the official German submission to the 2015 Academy Awards. Now this stands in line with "The Lives of Others", "The White Ribbon", "When We Leave" and, most recently, "Two Lives"? Pretty ridiculous. I am fairly certain there are 25-30 better German movies this year and looking at the shortlist ambitious projects such as Edgar Reitz' newest "Heimat" movie or "Wolfskinder" are just another league completely in terms of quality. "Beloved Sisters" is the epitome of shallow and superficial and would even be a disappointment for a movie shown on German television at 8:15 pm. Another weakness I found with the movie was the narration (coming from director Graf himself), which added nothing really. Those scenes where the protagonists were speaking with the camera (i.e. the audience) felt completely out of place and truly hurt the movie as they were thrown in so randomly and their monologues were utterly pretentious. So were the overblown dialogs. Yes people were speaking differently at that point in time, but not like that. The movie takes itself far more seriously than it has any justification to do so. I can't even call the film a guilty pleasure as the intrigues between the sisters themselves and Charlotte von Kalb for example were simply not interesting enough to keep the audience glued to the screen, especially for a film that crosses the two-hour mark considerably. still, if you liked this, let me recommend you another recent German period piece "Young Goethe in Love", which is not a masterpiece either, but clearly superior to "Die geliebten Schwestern". I hope there will soon be a film that does Schiller's art justice as this piece of tripe certainly does not. However, in order to end the review on a more positive note, I would like to say that Claudia Messner, who played the mother of the two girls, gave a good performance and stole all of her scenes, really the only positive highlight here. Still her role is not big enough to make up for everything else that is wrong with this very flawed film and I certainly would not recommend watching it.

Reviewed by Diana-Kastelic-371-480240 5 / 10 / 10

3 hours long? There should have been an Editor

I wish allowed "Likes" and "Comments" the way social media allows these days. Although there were some beautiful scenes, most of the outdoor shots were stunning (I'd love to know where it was all shot, as it seems to be an idyllic land to visit), and the lead actors are all gorgeous and obviously very talented -- these riches were all just wasted on this much-too-long film. Kudos to the Casting Director, those two lead actresses could definitely pass for sisters with their mesmerizing blue eyes, and the "Schiller" character was played by a very hunky and charming actor. I didn't really need to write a movie review, because the review posted by "Trivial Tapestry" says it all. As did all the other user reviewers who agreed that "Beloved Sisters" was simply boring overall with a practically non-existent musical score.

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