Below Zero

Action / Crime / Thriller

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Édgar Vittorino as Pascal Hernandez
Karra Elejalde as Patricio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gliderguy 3 / 10 / 10

Nonsensical action story not worth watching

Let's face it: NOTHING about this story makes any sense which makes the good reviews a mystery. A disturbed father wants to interrogate a prisoner responsible for his daughter's death. So what does he do? Attacks a prisoner transfer bus he is on, killing multiple guards and other prisoners in the process. The irony is that this ex-cop complains that the perp will just be released back to society w/o justice. Really? So, why not wait until he is released? I could pick apart other incongruences in the story, but why bother?

Reviewed by ttfrey 6 / 10 / 10

confusing, terribly bad plot

Sorry, I've rarely seen such a confusing, terribly bad plot. Nothing is right at all. Here some examples: > A truck prisoner transporter can be brought to a stop with a simple tire claw. > Policemen Garcia -Martin- and Montesino get out of the truck, although the situation was unclear and critical. In addition, they do not inform the head office or coordinate their approach with their superiors. > The glazing of the prisoner transporter is a simple safety glass, which can be destroyed with several shots. > The tires are apparently simply pneumatic tires, which means that every nail can bring the transporter to a standstill. Huh? > The transport is not radioed by the police headquarters at regular intervals. > The prison where all prisoners are to be transferred makes no attempt to contact the transport because they are late. OK? > Petrol can simply be fed into the cells from the outside and set on fire. > Former policeman Miguel kills his colleagues, even though he just wants to know where his daughter was buried. > Miguel can overwhelm a column with simple weapons, ok, mmmh, but then he has no plan how to get to the person who is his target. He makes the inmates an offer ... and that's it? > Everyone involved is warmly dressed and inside the prisoner transporter, but pretending that they are about to freeze to death. > How does Miguel know that he can drive such a heavy van into the middle of a frozen lake? > Miguel wants information from Nano and satisfaction for the death of his daughter, but then he wants to kill everyone, so drown in the lake? That means he is doing such collateral damage to just one person. So it doesn't make any sense either. > Miguel is on the other side of the lake and can suddenly transform himself into a village. As the? > Nano, the boy in question and who is the real target, crouches against a wall and only whines to be shot and sees no other escape route. For real? > Miguel knows that Nano is unarmed and yet he only shoots at Nano from about 20 m away from the house without attempting to approach Nano. > and, and, and, .... It is clear that there are logic holes in other films too, but it must not be implemented so sloppily that I can question every, really every single scene in the film and that is a real one Insult to any movie fan. This is a work of oblivion. Minus 5 points for such a sloppy, ridiculous work.

Reviewed by danielcereto 6 / 10 / 10

Spanish Con Air

First, even the movie is full of cliches and predictable the settings and action scenes are pretty well executed. Acting is just OK from the full cast. Second, It could have been far better just with a more risky script. A lot of weird situations make the most part of the movie unbelievable. Last, looks like the directors were inspired by movies like Con Air. Good point. So, if you like non pretentious action movies, with non twisted script, this one is for you.

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