Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

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April 8, 2020


Barbara Goodson as Mrs. Lussac
JB Blanc as Mr. Jenkins
Liam O'Brien as Gaara
Yûki Kaji as Meliodas / Zeldris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blackmamba99971 10 / 10 / 10

Gore fest supreme

Like all horror anime's to come out of Japan this one has to be best example of violent gore. Berserk... A tale of companions led by a man named Griffith (AKA Hawk) who leads a band of men of honourable soldiers who ride across many kingdoms proving their worth as fighters for peace. In the middle is Guts. A kind of mercenary wanderer who is then chosen by Hawk after a fierce duel, which no man has ever defeated Griffith in a sword fight only to lose by a near knock out. After which they become close friends who continue to battle endless fights showing their valour to every kingdom they approach only to be betrayed by a ruthless king who promised good fortune and fame. This has led to this point after Griffith was imprisoned in the dungeons to die until Guts, and his team of merry men rescue their leader only to find out he has been disabled in many ways including not being able to walk or speak again. Casca who had been the band's leader in Griffith's absence successfully finds him with Guts who then escape from the castle's bowels. While on route to their new hideout Griffith's despair reaches new heights, and decides to end his own life only to find an ancient talisman called the Behilmut egg. Needing only a few drops of his blood a portal would soon open sucking all of his men inside including Guts, and Casca. This was one of the most ultra violent movies to date only to match another series called Blood C+ in similarity of action, and sword play. Yet this film captured my attention even more when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse suddenly appeared giving Griffith a choice to either sacrifice his own friends for his own gain and dreams or... abstain and release his band of warriors in exchange to be imprisoned for all eternity for his great sins of battle, and needless bloodshed across the continent. I enjoyed the twists, and turns to his subconscious allowing his brutal nature to finally awaken, and then speak only two words... "I sacrifice." Which then led to the most bloody gore fest on the silver screen. The story was fantastic as was the gratuitous violence along with an adult situation between Guts, and Casca. Yet to see Griffith in his newly changed form called Femto (Pestilence, Gravity, Fate) was a treat to behold. A new demon king born out of his own greed, hatred, and malice against the world makes Berserk one of a kind in its own right. This is not for the feint of heart, and no viewer under the age of seventeen should watch this film. Highly recommended to those who love this type of genre. Very graphic, and disturbing.

Reviewed by dillesca1 9 / 10 / 10

This is a review

I think about this film a little differently from the other reviewers. I have read the Manga, and I have watched the anime, and I am interested in what this anime version adds to what has already been published. In my opinion Berserk fans should read the original, because it has everything--every last little detail, ranging from the evolution of Miura's drawing and storytelling style, to scenes omitted from both the animated series and the movie. These details are important for people who want to know the characters of Berserk and its world as well as possible. It also takes more risks artistically: plot points are more likely to be delivered out of order, there is more foreshadowing and symbolism, the number of sub-plots is greater....adaptations usually transform or simplify the original to match the conventions of a new target audience, so that its features can be more immediately recognized, digested, or even predicted. The original lacks these changes, and so is in a sense also a document of Japanese culture. I would recommend this movie with some caveats. If you can't read the original, you should watch the first 21 or so episodes of the animated series, and then watch this film. Watch the first two movies of the new trilogy later. Too much of what makes you care about the characters, and be concerned about their fate--which is grossly affected by this film--is missing from the first two movies. What is omitted is too important to the overall story: it explains why Guts thinks the way he does, why the characters came to be the way they are, their motivations, values, knowledge, etc. Too much of what follows won't make sense, or won't register with you, if you are not aware of what the characters care about. Assuming you do the above, the third movie is an excellent adaptation of probably the most powerful portion of the Berserk narrative. The animation makes the events come to life very clearly and very effectively. The mood is sustained, the suspense is maintained, the characters "look cool", and anticipation is built up for the next installment.

Reviewed by KScythe 9 / 10 / 10

Depressing and Gory

Emotionally scarring and very intense. The 2 previous Berserk movies have to be watched before taking this one on.

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