Betrayal at Attica



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silicontourist 10 / 10 / 10

A Revealing Exposè Of The True Goings On Of The Ruling Class Powermongers!

This is a video that should be seen by the masses (around the world and not just in America) and especially by every generation of schoolchildren. There are a great many Americans who will choose to disbelieve this documentary for a number of reasons i.e... 1) ...because a lot of national citizens find matters of inhuman corruption, of this magnitude, too incredulous to believe! 2) ...that it happened because they were part of the voting system that voted these monsters into positions of power; so they choose to make it easier upon themselves by denying it actually happened (a typical worldwide human reaction by weaker willed people governed by their own FEAR!). 3) ...that many people are racist fools etc, etc! If we had more people like Elizabeth Fink, the Civil Rights lawyer in this documentary, we could have such a wonderful justice system worldwide. That of course will never happen as it doesn't suit the power-mongers way of thinking and the corrupt members of the bar who think only of money (which is most of the qualified lawyers of the world). Its been 50 plus years and we still have the judicial system i.e. Police killings, Judges, lawyers, politicians covering up and lying about the killing of citizens in America (and around the world)! Take the power out of the hands of the corrupt. Do a better job of monitoring and holding those in official positions to harsher account for corruption. Failure to actively get involved with your world means you have no right to complain if you just stand/sit back and allow this greed motivated abuse of people to continue!

Reviewed by keberg2003 10 / 10 / 10

Powerful and heartbreaking

One of the absolute best documentaries I've seen in a long while. It's gut wrenching and a must-see. Even though the events took place in 1971 they are just as relevant - maybe even more relevant - today.

Reviewed by kristarosephillips 10 / 10 / 10

The best documentary I've ever seen.

This is an outstanding documentary about a 1970's prison NY incident (to say the least) that is informative, gripping, and emotional. I had no idea this even happened. Unbelievable. This documentary should be watched by all - Elizabeth Fink, all her allies, and those inmates deserve to have their story told. ACAB.

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