Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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April 16, 2019



Amber Tamblyn as Sarah Russell
Jesse Metcalfe as Miller
Michael Douglas as Grady Tripp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nat Williams 3 / 10 / 10

Plot full of holes, plus acting full of nothing equals bad movie

Gee, let's see... 1. Why didn't C.J.'s defense attorney subpoena C.J.'s boss at the TV station, who would have told the jury that C.J. had been pushing a story about the DA planting evidence? That would have at least put reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds. 2. Michael Douglas warns C.J. that prison phone calls are monitored (duh...). But apparently his flunky co-conspirator detective wasn't aware that parking garages serving the DA's office would probably be videotaped. Besides, the donut-creating "terror" scene was stupid. 3. C.J. was smart enough to develop a brilliant plot involving a fake interview that earned him a journalism award, but so dumb he gives his girlfriend a copy so that she could later make the connection between his fake story and the murder. Take these mistakes, throw in some poor acting and a totally unnecessary car chase and you have "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt." Better yet, don't watch the movie in the first place, and save yourself an hour and a half.

Reviewed by katrunk 7 / 10 / 10

Watch the original !

I was looking forward to watching this movie remake because I enjoyed the original so much. Unfortunately it was a disappointment. The dialogue was awful and amateurish. Please do yourself a favor and watch the original starring Dana Andrews! You can sometimes find it on TCM ( Turner classic movies ) or the retro channel. The original as much slicker and more suspenseful!

Reviewed by alpinefinland 7 / 10 / 10

Quite good in a daft way

Typical Michael Douglas fayre. Sleezy lawyer faking evidence so he can win more cases. Jesse Metcalfe investigates, stupidly framing himself for a murder he didn't commit and see if Douglas messes with the evidence. He has a friend to help him and he stupidly doesn't bring the evidence to the court at the time so we have an uneccessary care chase. Some of the dialogue is daft. No swearing until the very last line which seems out of place. Its good enough. Could have been done a lot better though. Good story.

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