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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Strange exploitation film by Jose Maria Forque dealing with obsession , perversion and strong tortures

This surprising and erotic 70s movie filled with sexual manipulation, perversion , humiliation , female nudity , and sleaze events ; being set in Latin America . It deals with a young proprietary of a sugarcane plantation , nearly-bankrupt , he is called Juan (David Hemmings) and has a trauma from childhood , as he is misbehaving on girls . Meanwhile his sick mummy named Louise (Alida Valli) covers him for his violent actions . Hacienda-owner Juan who bears a traumatic boyhood is infatuated and falls in love for the daughter of the Hacienda supervisor called Lola (Andrea Rau) and he attempts to seduce her , besieged emotionally and sexually to make her lover . Obsessed for her , Juan then decides to gradually torture her . Sociopath Juan locks her in a pit , starves her , only gives her worm food and subsequently forces to strip . However, when he wants to serve for him , things seem to get totally out of hand . He 'tames' her, but when she is 'tamed' , it gives rise to a complex situation . Rare tale plenty of nudism , haunting mood-pieces , sadomasochism , tortures , enticing images and attractive ending . This weird flick contains symbolism , drama , sadism , deprivation , copious naked scenes , a twisted love story and an almost diabolic spell . This psycho thriller revolves around several themes as physical possession , domination , humiliating games and sexuality . This slow-moving but passable picture is well set in Venezuela of the 60s or 70s , where takes place the complex relationship among some characters and including a surprising finale . Cast is frankly well . About 30-year old David Hemmings gives an acceptable acting as a quirky as well as sadistic young who mistreats girls due to his traumatic youth , Andrea Rau is wonderful as the young woman being tortured and who soon becomes the dominating person in the family . The film relies heavily on the relationship between them , though it doesn't boring . Suport actors are pretty good , such as Alida Valli , Nuria Gimeno and the great Francisco Rabal as rapist uncle . Atmospheric cinematography by Alejandro Ulloa (Horror Express) . Being impressively filmed on location in Venezuela , though an alright remastering is necessary . Anti-climatic musical score by Adolfo Waitzman , including a little agreeable leitmotif . The motion picture was professionally directed by prolific filmmaker Jose Maria Forque . José María Forqué was born in Zaragoza , being father of actress Verónica Forqué and director Álvaro Forqué . He was a director and writer, known for filming some classic Spanish films , such as Accidente 703 (1962), Amanecer en Puerta Oscura (1957) , Un Millon En La Basura and especially Atraco a Las Tres . And shot successful TV series : Miguel Servet and Ramon Y Cajal . He also filmed some international co-productions such as Tarot with Gloria Grahame , Mujer De Tierra Caliente with Stuart Whitman , Laura Gemser and El Ojo Del Huracan or In the eye of hurricane with Tony Kendall , Jean Sorel .

Reviewed by johnbernhard / 10

Great showcase for Andrea Rau, decent Euro-sleaze effort

The other review here pretty much expresses most my feelings. I'd like to add that the film serves as a wonderful showcase for Andrea Rau. Rau was a model turned softcore actress in Germany who got a big break in DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS. This film, which I saw on VHS as BEYOND EROTICA, was made a few years later and even the lousy full screen cropped video quality cannot dim the love the camera has for this woman. She's very good here and the other lead actors are fun to watch. Hemmings and Valli are slumming here but seem fully committed to their roles ( a sick mother - son cliché relationship ). The details of Hemming's character's obsessions are nicely drawn though, even if their motivation lacks imagination. There is a lot for exploitation fans to enjoy here, not much violence but plenty of human hunting, sickness and depravity to spare, copious nudity and yes, bunny outfits. Director Forque also made the worth a look giallo's IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE and TAROT. The film is poorly served by the current VHS versions. This film really should be out on DVD, hopefully soon.

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