Beyond the Comfort Zone: 13 Countries to K2


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cullenkori 5 / 10 / 10

Car Advertisement

Some of the cinematography was beautiful, the story was good, but it felt like a lot of the travel scenes could have been an advertisement for their vehicles. Sometimes the sound level is very low for no apparent reason.

Reviewed by rake2204-701-897158 4 / 10 / 10

Some beautiful views, some fun times, a bit of a mess.

I'll start with the rough stuff, including a potentially major spoiler. First, the road trip journey from Europe to the Himalayas feels a bit slapped together from an editing perspective. Virtually all of Europe is skipped and for most areas we see only brief snapshots. It's like the film couldn't decide whether it was a road trip movie or a mountain climbing movie and ended up not really being either. Second, there were a number of times where I felt like I was just watching an extended promotional release for Mercedes SUVs. There were some cool car moments (sand dunes, passage over water, perilous cliffs) but there was often little context behind these moments and all that's generally conveyed is, "Look at this Mercedes go!" Next, the climbers' stories and motivations were relatively uninteresting or unknown. There was frequently a feeling that we were watching a group of elder gents with a lot of money or a killer sponsorship (or both) going to Pakistan just because they could. More power to them for attacking life, but it didn't make for a compelling storyline. Perhaps most importantly, I must object to the ending. To be clear, from what I've learned about extreme climbs, it's often not your choice whether you reach the summit. The mountain's going to decide that for you. So, I don't object to these guys not reaching the top. What I DO object to is the rapid and sudden ending to the film after it's revealed that they're not going to reach the top. One moment you're knee-deep in the experience, anticipating the ultimate conclusion. The next moment, you're more or less treated to, "Oh, nope, it's not in the cards this year. Anyway, that's the film." Generally speaking, this felt a bit like a film that was made out of obligation to justify the journey. On the bright side, there were some excellent visuals throughout and it was enjoyable to see various cultures and unfamiliar locations, even if was only for a brief moment.

Reviewed by mrbb-1 4 / 10 / 10

Just watch the last 20 minutes

I'm usually rather forgiving with my ratings, but I'm sorry, this was pretty much a waste of time. I only gave it a "4" and not less because there is some beautiful videography. If you skip to the last 20 minutes (and stop 5 minutes before the end) you'll see about all the mountain climbing there is in the movie. (The last 5 minutes are a failed attempt to philosophize, and a redux of uninspiring clips.) The editing is horrible. I do a better job with my home videos. Ineffective use of slow motion, uninteresting "B Roll", and the biggest problem being the subtitles. There are several different languages spoken, so the subtitles are an important part of this film. As another reviewer also mentioned, some genius made the decision to have white subtitles when snow is the most prominent background feature! Yellow would have been a better choice, and also add a 25% opacity black background. They are also too small to read easily. All in all this is a movie that shouldn't have been made, but it was likely necessary to finance the expedition. For a thrilling documentary done right watch The Dawn Wall or Free Solo, both of which I rated 8/10.

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