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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samrussell99 7 / 10 / 10

Some People are Black Holes

Pete Davidson is great. He's great because he's playing himself. He is the ultimate antihero. Zeke's influence is felt in every scene of the movie - the parties, the girls, all of it. They are all infused with his patina. Zeke, who begins as entertaining but ends as trite and soulless, is a representation of all those things people try to find meaning in during their high school years. It is the story of one man who can't connect with anyone, and who personifies all the methods people use to try and get ahead in the world without building something real. Look at all the scenes where Zeke shines - they are dark. In the night. Slowly, the movie brings his personality into the daylight. All the grime, filth, and destructive patterns of behavior are laid bare as the movie goes on. Most of the characters are interesting. Machine Gun Kelly is hilarious in his role. Zeke's girlfriend is good too. The kid plays his part well. His perception reflects that of the audience, even though he isn't really all that interesting himself. Most scenes are entertaining. A couple are stereotypical. Zeke's story is obviously the crown jewel of the movie, and his story is nothing. A black hole. As the movie drags his darkness into the light, his quirks become less and less entertaining. The story of the main character is not that resonant, but the way we see Zeke's evolution through his eyes, along with some laughs and entertaining scenes along the way, is more than enough to make this a good movie - the bitter, acrylic, burger joint ending seals the deal.

Reviewed by xbestofmex 9 / 10 / 10

Great Movie - Pete Davidson & Griffin Gluck were fantastic

I hope this movie changes peoples minds about Pete Davidson because he was fantastic in this film. I felt like this movie really showed how you can idolize someone older and "cooler" but realize at some point you need to move on from them. Pete's character Zeke broke my heart, he's a good kid with a great soul, just lost in his own problems. We all know a Zeke and we all know a Mo and to watch their friendship blossom then fade reminded me of so many friendships in my adolescence. The last scene where Mo sees Zeke in his rear view mirror smoking was the perfect way to end the movie. Mo will move on and Zeke will be right where he left him in that parking lot. Sad but true for so many young adults. Not an overly crude movie (not that I mind that) and had some really beautiful scenes that perfectly captured what it is like to be growing and changing in high school. Highly recommend this movie!

Reviewed by bertrum96 9 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good movie!

So the movie starts out in a way that you don't really know where it's going. But that's because of the good acting. Pete did such a good job his character was kinda scary, because he didn't give anything away by Over or under acting. He played his character perfect. and the rest of the cast did the same. The acting in this movie supported the writing so well, I could take in each scene one at a time. It was nice to see Jon break out of his normal role right before my eyes. Each and every actor did such a good job. I want to see more!

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