Bigfoot, UFOs and Jesus


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeusWar 5 / 10 / 10

Bigfoot? UFOs? and Jesus?

Honestly, this movie is a great example of false advertising as it has little to do with the title. The real title of this movie should have been 'Coming Home' or something to that extent, as the movie is really about a washed-up music star that is coming home to her small Michigan town to heal her relationship with God and her past after her abusive father passed away. The UFO/Bigfoot element really didn't even need to be in the movie. It was more of a gimmick to attract viewers. Oddly enough, this movie portrays UFOs as Angels, when any small amount of research will reveal that UFOs are anything but angelic -- often associated with abductions, torment, torture, and the demonic. Hopefully someone watching this movie does not decide to get into UFOs by being deceived into thinking that they are friendly. Finally, the casting was also done poorly as the main actress appeared to be just as old if not older than the actor that was casted to be her mother and sister. I think they should have spent a little more time thinking the casting through. The good elements of this movie were contained in the mild humor as well as the down-syndrome actor who did a great job. Overall, it is a sub-par movie. I give it a 5.

Reviewed by ronnieleerocks 10 / 10 / 10

Bigfoot, UFO's, and Jesus movie review

Bigfoot, UFOs, and Jesus is a supernatural story about the roots of family, a real side-splitter, and a tear-jerker all the way from northern Michigan. This movie will have you laughing and in tears, as it ties your emotions on a string pulled by the director Jesse Law from the beginning to the surprise ending. The storyline uses great Biblical parables to tell a family-centered story that has been much forgotten about forgiving one another. An entire lifetime can be nothing more than a terrible flashback memory left for us to remember or forget. Bigfoot, UFOs, and Jesus is about real people in a modern return of the prodigal son story supported by the beautiful Michigan countryside and by the original music and score. The musical score, written by Dennis Therrian, speaks its own dialogue underlining the script with emotions that tear the viewer's eyes. Roanoke and The Cash Collective add that down-home flavor with their authentic American music that is a staple of country living. Both together stand alone as true works of art that sometimes blend unnoticeably under, around, and thru the script. Believable flashbacks become personal memories as you are drawn into the story with more great writing by DJ Perry, author, and producer. He also plays the part of Niles Cass, a UFO journalist. As the writer, I'm sure he picked this part for himself because he gets to be the unintended victim of the actor that steals the show Josh "Ponceman" Perry. Josh plays the role of Chip, and his performance is genuinely heartwarming. Your feelings will flow from sadness to gladness and from joy to tears at his simple facial expressions that melt your heart like butter left out on the picnic table in the hot Michigan summer sun. I will watch this video again and again with my grandchildren just to see him perform. The story tells a good thing is nothing unless you have someone to share it with, and it holds your attention and keeps you guessing. It reminds us we cannot change the past or control what people say, but we can pray about our future. Love and a good story can transform anyone, and this film shows us we all need to be honest with each other, especially with our family, so that we can make happy day's memories together. Bigfoot, UFOs, and Jesus shows us it is never too late for us to chase our dreams so long as they are not a nightmare we could have avoided. DJ Perry has a reputation as a movie producer who is not afraid to use a very different approach to talking about Jesus or telling a Bible story. Bigfoot, UFOs, and Jesus is another one of his great writings. His script reaches back in time and uses Bible verses to tell a very SWEET story with a real-life, fairy-tail happy ending. Bigfoot, UFO', and Jesus is Sunday School ready, and it will not set on your shelf and collect dust. Watch it and see, and you will enjoy it as much as I have more than once. Oh, and remember, Bigfoot and Santa Claus have nothing in common. I give it 10* stars!

Reviewed by btketner-23541 10 / 10 / 10

Great movie, funny, feeling, with a twist

Great movie for laughter, a touch of seriousness, and plain fun. A good movie to sink into the couch with your favorite person snuggled up next to you and a snack cold or hot.

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