Billy Two Hats


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David Huddleston as Copeland, Saloon Owner
Desi Arnaz Jr. as Billy Two Hats
Jack Warden as Sheriff Henry Gifford
Vic Armstrong as Harry Sweets Bradley
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Reviewed by greenheart 7 / 10 / 10

Hats off - In hindsight

At the end of this movie, I wasn't sure that I'd enjoyed it. But as the day wore on, I found myself continually thinking about it. Often, I leave a movie thinking I've enjoyed it and never give it a second thought. I wasn't sure for a lot of the film exactly what the point is other than the relationship between Peck (An outlaw with Scottish descendancy) and Billy (A half-breed Native Indian). But actually, this is the point and the characters are what make this movie work. Gregory Peck could never be accused of being type cast and he gave a valiant attempt at pulling off a Scottish accent. A lot of the words he nailed but then the accent completely disappeared for run of the mill dialect. A little more direction and time and his language would have matched an otherwise strong performance. Billy seemed a straightforward character to start with but layer upon layer are revealed as the movie progresses including an explanation for an otherwise daft movie title and you really find a sense of his history and upbringing. The sheriff gave a worthy performance but I was particularly impressed with the Apache gang and the stuttering wife. The Apache were made all the more terrifying by their random nature and personality so far removed from stereotypical Apache. The guy with the white parasol was the best of the bunch. The parasol is mentioned but no reference is made to how he obtained this. Some things are best unsaid, had he massacred a previous wagon and removed this as a trophy from some poor unsuspecting traveller? The stuttering wife was beautifully played. Her husband's answer to this disability was to slap her round the face. To her and her guests, this was nothing more than abuse but the husband clearly thought he was 'Rattling her brain box' and helping her out. Her vulnerability, loneliness and desire for love were superbly portrayed and I wish her love for Billy had been explored more fully. The movie reached a stand-off climax and there is a moral about how we treat our dead at the end which again leaves you thinking. Give this movie a chance, you may well draw a different conclusion but it is a little gem worth giving a chance.

Reviewed by thinker1691 8 / 10 / 10

" I try and Understand things and this doesn't make any sense at all"

There are few top ranked stars who take on less important roles or films which offer little return. Gregory Peck, playing Arch Deans is perhaps one of the few who occasionally do. This film " Billy Two Hats " has him staring with a very young Desi Arnaz Jr. as Billy. Also acting in supporting roles is Jack Warden playing a determined Sheriff Henry Gifford and David Huddleston as Copeland, the Saloon Owner. The simple but dramatic story is of two outlaws on the run after a less than profitable bank robbery in which an accidental killing took place. With the relentless sheriff tracking the men, Peck playing an aging Scotsman, tries to give his young partner every chance possible to escape clear of the law and start a new life in California. Things become complicated when Billy stays to care for his injured friend, while becoming enamored with a married Mail-order Bride. Renegade Apaches do not make it any easier for the two, in fact, things get desperate when Peck is shot and left for dead. An interesting movie and one which could become a foundation vehicle for Arnaz. The film is worthy of notice, mostly due to Pecks' notorious reputation for selecting interesting roles. ***

Reviewed by Eric-1226 8 / 10 / 10

Underrated western... or maybe just not seen by enough people?

I think this movie is underrated as a western. Or maybe it's just under-seen, which is really a pity. With nice color photography, it's got some really great western visuals, a meaty storyline, a collection of disparate characters whose fates you really start to care about, and some memorable, quotable dialogue here and there. Jack Warden is excellent as a gruff frontier sheriff "just doing his job," as it were. He's a toned-down and more accessible version of Gene Hackman's over-the-top bastardly sheriff in "Unforgiven." Gregory Peck, playing a words-of-wisdom-spouting Scottish outlaw with a big heart, is really quite good with his Scottish accent (no, it's not perfect, but passable), and has some memorable lines. Desi Arnaz Jr. is quite the sympathetic character as a half-breed Kiowa Indian outlaw being brought to justice by the sheriff. The supporting cast is quite good, and oh.. that nasty little band of outlaw Apaches they run into is truly a scary lot. You can't help but wonder how many white settlers they raped, murdered and pillaged. All in all, the movie is packed with memorable western images and meaningful lines of dialogue . See it if you get a chance. I'd love for this movie to get more air time.

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