Birdemic 2: The Resurrection


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Alan Bagh as Mammon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by debtman 1 / 10 / 10

You can't intentionally repeat accidental mediocrity

Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of the original Birdemic. I've seen a lot of bad movies. Battlefield Earth is pretty bad. The Room is pretty bad. Manos, The Hands of Fate is pretty bad. Birdemic trumps them all. And now we have a sequel. Believe me, I was excited to see this. So very very excited, which no one I know understands. But whatever, I know what I like and I like crap. Unfortunately, this movie does not deliver. I'm sorry, but there it is. The major problem you've got here is that this movie is trying way to hard to be as terrible as the first one, and that effort completely ruins it. It's like William Hung on American Idol. You just can't believe it and are mesmerized by how awful it is. But then he just keeps doing the same thing over and over, milking it for fame and money once he realizes people like that he's terrible. Yes, I'm comparing this movie to William Hung. And yes, like poor Will this sequel has hit the point where it goes from being amusing to just being annoying. Birdemic failed in essentially every way a movie could fail. The acting was horrible, the camera work dismal, the script was ridiculous, the sound work utterly terrible. I could run out of synonyms for 'bad' just trying to describe the first movie. And that, friends, is what made it great. Here you have a work of art lovingly created by someone and thrust out into the world, and you just cannot believe anyone could create something so awful. Now imagine that experience, but now it's completely obvious they were trying to make something that awful on purpose. The magic is gone. Birdemic 2 is not so much a sequel, as it is the EXACT same movie but with better sound and camera work. The plot is the same. There are many scenes that are EXACT recreations of scenes in the first movie. In short the movie is, quite obviously, trying to pander to fans of the first movie's unintentional success. It's like watching someone absolutely terrible on American Idol, but then realizing that they're just trying to be terrible on purpose to get attention. It's not the same. The magic is gone. And, to be honest, decent camera work and sound kind of kills the hilarity. Plus I like Whitney Moore better with long hair...

Reviewed by boots_mcg 1 / 10 / 10

Still not as bad as Actium Maximus

This movie was poorly thought out, badly executed, and terribly acted. The cast was bored, the crew was incompetent and they recycled the plot of and characters (including bridge scientist and Tree Hugger) which I guess is green... Having said that, the 'special' effects are less 'special' than the original. The CGI birds occasionally interact with the world around them and are not fixed to the spastic camera. Also the driving scene has been replaced with a somewhat shorter swagger walk scene. This is not a movie to watch sober, or alone. I spent so much time correcting my typos. This movie is still not as bad as Actium Maximus: Alien Dinosaur Wars. The existence of Actium Maximus is the one reason this movie got 2/10... We have seen rock bottom and this is not it.

Reviewed by hunter_kudjo 1 / 10 / 10

Intentionally bad that is about 50% as funny as the first Birdemic

When you look at it, there really are four elements that make a "funny bad movie" one which we all enjoy: 1.) Bad technical execution (camera angles, audio noise, continuity). 2.) Bad plot that makes no sense. 3.) Stupid unexpected "twists" or actual unexpected crap that's hilariously bizarre. 4.) Bad dialogue. Movies like The Room, Troll 2, Ninja Justice Style, and Birdemic: S&T all share these qualities. However there is a fifth element I totally missed, that I only realized after watching Birdemic 2: 5.) Unintentional ignorance on behalf of the director and crew. This ignorance is what makes The Room so special...Wiseau agrees its a black comedy, but originally he thought he had made something incredible. Equally, Nguyen believed he was the reincarnation of Hitchcock in the first Birdemic. You can watch interviews and see that no matter what he's told, he believes that Birdemic is NOT a comedy. Nguyen is possibly the best horrible director in this respect, because of that stone-solid ignorance. Fast forward to Birdemic 2 in 2013. The four elements are all still there, but at one point in the film, you realize that ignorance is missing. There are so many gags and obvious similarities between the first Birdemic and the sequel, that I began to wonder if Nguyen had really tried at all to continue his Hitchcock ambition in his own vision. Gags such as (((SPOILER))) random nude women, an insane amount of bad continuity (i.e., car ride with Bill and Gloria), hundreds of sequel similarities, and of course the blatant ending, all point to something inspiration. It's essentially the first Birdemic, just in HD, more actors, more blood and CGI, more set locations, and no unintentional "creative" ingnorance from Nguyen. I enjoyed the stupidity of the film, but not as much, since I feel Nguyen realized he could rake in more money from crowd-sourcing by just making a very similar bad movie. Yet again in several interviews, he explains how amazed he is that showings for Birdemic sold out. Nguyen actually makes more money than he ever dreamed of via theater showings and crowd-sourcing for the second film. Why try a different path for success, *Executive producer whispers in ear*, when the one you've got works? On the bright-side, the essential dialogue script must be Nguyen's own genius: obviously showing his struggle with English, same weird phrasing in conversations, and yet AGAIN with plot, no explanation as to why the Birds always leave for no reason. Most every spoken line I enjoyed much more than the same old gags on screen. In the end, yeah, you should probably see this if you're a bad movie fan...but I look forward to Nguyen's next piece of ORIGINAL work that will undoubtedly be unintentionally terrible. Perhaps that's what the money from this one will go towards. :)

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