Birth of the Dragon

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Billy Magnussen as Neil Thomas
Ron Yuan as Tony Yu
Terry Chen as Officer Steve Choi
Vanessa Ross as Tourist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by connerlandon 7 / 10 / 10

Decent film with engaging action.

I was at first put off by the trailers of the film because the street alley scene and certain dialogue lines seemed cheesy without context, however in the progression of the full film they play their part just fine. In the idea that the "birth of the dragon" was the transition from Bruce Lee's generic focus of Kung Fu and other martial arts into the consolidated uniform art of Jeet Kune Do, this movie highlighted the event that sparked that transition in an entertaining way. Combining some historical information with an enticing cinematic focus, intertwined with some fictional inclusions of characters and story for the sake of making it an entertainment film rather than direct informational documentary, I was satisfied overall with the viewing and find that it paid decent homage to the memory of Bruce Lee by showing a human element of imperfection during the beginning of his career. Allowing us to see into the information of his time before becoming a cultural icon was refreshing, and influenced me to read into Lee's history during those years and before. Again, the film does include uses of fictional elements in order to help propel the story in a standard acceptable for entertaining viewership, and as such does not convey an entirely truthful set of events, only a summary with cinematic filler. I recommend seeing this film to see what you think of it, and afterwards reading about the events around the conflict between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man yourself, as there are some interesting details to be found.

Reviewed by trueloverwestley 10 / 10 / 10

How Bruce Lee was schooled by a genuine kungfu master

A refreshingly plausible story that exposes Bruce Lee's notoriously obnoxious personality and how a humbling defeat at the hands of a humble master forced him to reassess himself. The script is cheesy in parts but the core story rings true. Bruce Lee was a bully. The script gets that right.

Reviewed by remoadventure 10 / 10 / 10

The Other Side of the Story (Or, Bruce Lee Exposed)

This is a brilliant movie if you see what it for what it is - not a movie intended to glorify Bruce Lee - but a movie intended to present a plausible account of the duel that transpired between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. To appreciate the film better, it helps to be acquainted with the source material, Mike Dogan's "Official Karate" article "Bruce Lee's Toughest Fight" Reading that, one would give Wong Jack Man's version of the fight the benefit of the doubt. His description is more plausible and, more importantly, he published the entire account in a newspaper with an invitation for a public duel if Bruce Lee disagreed, and Bruce Lee never disagreed (which is unusual for such a loud, aggressive, and self-righteous fellow).

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