Black as Night



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dfields-46972 8 / 10 / 10

Entertainment w/ some messaging..

Once again I feel compelled to give a movie a higher rating than I normally would just to balance out the negative ones. For some reason when it's an all-black cast people lowball the ratings it's really shameful! No, the movie is not Nosfaratu but it's not the worst vampire flick I've ever seen. The acting was fine, the only issue I had with the vampires were their eyes, could have been better. Storyline, plot and messaging was on point. Watch it for what it is....entertainment.

Reviewed by johnnyhbtvs27 1 / 10 / 10

Bring back that bingo movie

Another poor effort from The Welcome To Blumhouse series. The lead is supposed to be, say 16, yet is played by a 28 year old actress. The fact is not helped by at least twice people mentioning she 'got breasts' this summer. The 'good' vampires was totally ridiculous and went absolutely nowhere, the plotting was all over the place, really poor. Pedro is a contender for most irritating character of 2021, no one in real life hopefully speaks like that. Also referring to the main character as Wesley after Wesley Snipes because of the darkness of her skin....not cool.

Reviewed by aidanratesmovies 1 / 10 / 10

One of the most ridiculous films I've seen in quite some time

A pretentious soap-opera like teen drama that feels like it has been written by a 5 year old- Black as Night manages to be unconvincing and unoriginal on so many levels despite so much potential. I knew absolutely nothing about this movie going in, and yet I still feel disappointed with it now that it's done. This film is an absolute disaster. The acting is over the top, the dialogue is atrocious, the plot is all over the place and full of plot holes, and the film itself is just so dang messy. It has some interesting concepts along the way, but unfortunately it does absolutely nothing with them, and instead becomes some sort of buffy knockoff with absolutely no charm whatsoever. I wanted to like this movie, I tried to like this movie, but it was honestly painfully bad to watch at times. I physically cringed at a number of scenes, and it's clear that whoever made this film had no idea where they wanted to go with it. Although it may not be based on a book or a remake of a horror film from the past, Black as Night is about as unoriginal as it comes. It tries too hard and fails just the same, it's a nightmare to watch, and not in a good way. My Rating: 1.1/10.

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