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Ben Stiller as Tim Dingman
Jared Leto as Casey
Michael B. Jordan as Teen #2
Robert Downey Jr. as Terry Donager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kd4soccer 1 / 10 / 10


I rented this title because I saw Elijah Wood was casted in it, my favorite actor. Make a notation that I use the word "title" rather than movie because it isn't deserving enough to be called that. From the very beginning to the very end it was nothing but a major disappointment. I had no idea that Wood would even be in a movie so bad. I never even knew a movie that he was in could be bad! He had very little lines, and was the only decent character in it. As for the film... IT HAD ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT!! None at all. There was no major internal conflict, or external for that matter.(Well at least that the movie was based on, just small disagreements). Everyone in this film played a static character, making no change within the movie. It starts off with white kids wishing they were black, and ends the same way. Many small plot strands were thrown together to make a meaningless, unsubstantial, stupid film. It was thought out like something a 5 year old could do, that is, a 5 year old with a terribly sick mind. Even if there was a plot there was too much swearing and cheap sex (which pertained to nothing at all in the movie) to even get a message across. I would rate this movie a perfect 1 on a scale from 1-10. And I think many would agree. These white kids were not "hip-hop culture", they were a bunch of winey teenage posers who couldn't see how good they had it, middle class suburbs, so they stooped down a level where they had their own fantasy world of being black and from the ghetto, which they weren't either. As for the "rappers" in the movie, their parts were thrown in for nothing. They did nothing accept waste time on the screen. Maybe (that's a BIG maybe) if as much thought went into emphasizing the the white kids (whom I thought it was about) the movie could have been semidesent. The last 2 minutes of the film were the worst. It ended with an unpredictible twist that in no way pertained to anything that was seen during the other 97.

Reviewed by mario10zeus 3 / 10 / 10

Black, White and crap

The idea of the movie sounds interesting, white kids who imitate black hip-hop culture, but that's it. Toback is a 60 year old man who doesn't anything about the youth at the time this movie was made, and was simply trying to cash in on the hip hop craze. With the help of Wu-Tang clan. We have a series of vignettes ,where these characters interact. Few scenes are memorable like Robert Downey trying to pick up Mike Tyson or Claudia Schiffer's ramblings. But many parts have simply to much holes in the plot,..oh wait, there is no plot, just htese vignettes. This movie is racist. Blacks are all thugs, rapper, who want to have sex with white women and smoke weed. All whites are losers, posers and have no personality. There are no Hispanic nor Asian characters, even though it's supposed to be New York. They are no Black females either. Kidada Jones plays Power's love interest, but her character seemed Puerto-Rican to me, and in real life she is biracial. The threesome in the park seemed odd,..who the f*** has sex in Central Park in broad daylight? Can't they go to a motel room? Power is supposed to have money. I'm not from New York, I'm from Miami and the only public place I know people have sex at is a beach at night, but Central Park? Is Claudia Schiffer's character a psycho? she gets her boyfriend killed by his best buddy, whom she later hooks up with. She is evil incarnate. What would she find in Ben Stiller? She is several inches taller. and even her character is a feminist, she ends up with Mike Tyson? Rent this movie only to make fun of the idiocy of Toback, and the stereotypes.

Reviewed by Alexander_seth2000 3 / 10 / 10

Crap, could have been a much better movie.

I am not sure what this movie was trying to portray, whether it was white kids wanting to act black, or life stories of black hip hop artists/basketball players living in new york. If it was trying to display both it made a total mess of it. No story in the film was shown in depth, out of the all star cast only Brooke shields, Robert Downey Jr and Mike Tyson shone. Nice to see Claudia Schieffer on screen, she can act but her part in this film is awful. I became bored from listening to one constant hip hop song after another as well as the black rapper actors speaking in an unintelligible language which made the film even more confusing then it was before. The only highlights of the film for me was Robert Downey Jr confessing to his wife he is gay at the end, and Mike Tyson giving advice to a young rapper (he doesn't just box!) Anyways in my opinion, terrible, but if you got time to waste then perhaps watch it.

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