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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colewaters 10 / 10 / 10


BLACKPINK is the best girl group ever and this movie shows that. From the second it started my foot was taping and I was singing. It was truly a fantastic film. Please put it on a streaming service or DVD!!

Reviewed by ProstheticPrincess 1 / 10 / 10

Serious let down...

I went to see this in 4DX in the movie theatre. I was excited about it because I really love Blackpink!!!... but this was just a disappointment.. For the first 20min I was still wondering what this movie actually was. It was all over the place. It felt like a very long commercial leading up to nothing. Just snippets of performances that got cut off, then just random footage of the members posing in various rooms looking pretty,... I'd watch that on youtube but a ticket to see this cost me over 20euros... Eventually they did show some full song performances which was nice but the whole thing was very incoherent tbh. I love all the members but the things they were saying in this movie were just weird. It felt very rehearsed and just plain strange. Like "I tend to look forward and try to prepare for things to come" and then right after saying "I live in the moment"... Like wtf are you saying? I saw the Netflix docu and that was real and great but this just sounded like scripted gibberish... Also my experience was 4DX because it was only available that way and while the whole thing was happening I felt very pissed off because 4DX was absolutely NOT necessary for this. Making a seat shake left and right during a dance sequence? What is that?! It had nothing to do with the content! It added nothing and was very distracting. It was just a way to get more money out of blinks because 4DX tickets cost twice as much. In my case I was also unfortunately seated next to two teenagers who were singing along (in what I assume they thought was Korean) the entire time, LOUDER than the actual BlackPink. The movie is not to blame for this but it did ruin my experience even more so maybe I'm not totally unbiased. Watch this at home once available and don't expect too much. That's all I can say.

Reviewed by gleidsonlins 1 / 10 / 10

I went to watch a documentary and they gave me clippings of other things.

This "movie" is just a remix of several other things already available on YouTube. There's 10% new content that they (bp) didn't even bother to make an effort to appear. There were two solo performances by two of the four participants, and 80% of the performances were dubbed or with based terribly high. I particularly didn't expect some poorly placed scenes in a pseudo "fan movie".

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