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Brian Bonsall as Mikey
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Miguel Ferrer as Lester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by akugcwo 1 / 10 / 10


If you're OK with an underage child having a romantic relationship with an adult which ends with a full on kiss on the lips, this movie is for you. But its boy and a grown women so not many people are offended by it so whatever.

Reviewed by jediforce10 6 / 10 / 10

You're better off burning a million dollars then watching this

Blank Check may have been an excellent movie for kids, but ends up being uninspired in every way. The movie begins with a criminal named Quigley and he is a robber who goes to a secret hiding place to get his million dollars. We then cut to Preston Waters as an 11 year old kid who is harassed by his family about money. His older brothers run a Lawn Cutting business, and the parents treat them better because they are already making money, and saving. They buy the brothers a new computer and place it in Preston's room. Preston tells his dad about that it's his room, but his dad scolds him for Preston not making money. The brothers though have no idea how to run a computer, and mess it up. Yeah I can see why these are the favorite ones (sarcasm). Eventually the family goes to a party and Preston is sent to ride on kiddie rides while the others are on better rides like a roller coaster. Preston even gets a birthday card, and only an $11 check. How cheap does this family have to be to Preston? He's already being pressured to find a job, and he's only 11! Is this some world where child labor laws don't exist? Preston goes to the bank to set up an account, and meets Shay Stanley who tells him he needs $200 to open an account. We then cut to the villains of the movie, Quigley, and the head of the bank, Biderman. Quigley learns the bills are marked, and sends for Juice, his other henchman. Quigley leaves, but accidentally runs over Preston's bike. Quigley writes a check, but before completing it he sees the cops, and hands Preston a blank check (ladies and gentlemen we have a title!). At home Preston's mom and dad are angry because Preston's bike got run over, and they scold him about not taking care of his valuables, and ground him. Seriously someone needs to call Child Services and take the kid away, and arrest the parents for negligence. Preston decides enough is enough, and uses the check to forge a $1 million check. Preston goes out to the bank (wasn't he grounded?) and meets Biderman who believes he is Juice, and gives him the million dollars. The real Juice comes by, and both realize they have been duped by Preston. Now to be fair, Juice seems to be the only enjoyable person in this movie. Preston creates a new alias name, Mr. Macintosh, and buys a home for himself, a limo driver named Henry who supposed to be comedy relief, but isn't funny at all. Preston meets Shay again, and tells him that Mr. Macintosh would like to meet her. We then learn that Shay is actually an FBI agent who is looking for Quigley, and the other villains. They even watch Mr. Macintosh since they consider him an interesting person which makes no sense considering that all of Macintosh's business is done by a kid. They honestly don't think it's weird or something? From here on in the movie uses a lot of filler with Preston on a shopping spree. I wouldn't mind it so much, but it keeps going on, and on. Preston explains that he has a new job as Mr. Macintosh's assistant to his family, and being the idiots they are they believe it. We get more scenes of Preston riding Go-Karts, playing games, hanging with the driver, buying a lot of ice cream, and so on. The movie then finally remembers it needs a plot, and we cut to, I wish I was joking, Preston taking Shay to dinner and then taking her to a geyser and get both of them wet. Meanwhile the villains are asking kids if they knew Preston, and one spills the beans on him, and they chase him down in the park. Preston and Shay get away and the villains are sprayed with the geyser. Preston then celebrates Mr. Macintosh's birthday, but it is his in reality, and soon realizes he has only a little over $330 in his account. Preston's dad comes into Mr. Macintosh's office, and tells him that he wants Preston to have a childhood, and to send him home early. What a hypocrite. Preston sends everyone home, and sits lonely around pondering his speech his dad told him. The villains though break into the home, and Preston needs to fight back. So the movie decides to go and rip off Home Alone with all the traps Preston sets up. The traps are dead ringers of Home Alone and too similar. Eventually Preston is cornered, and just as he is about to be killed, the FBI movie sin and Shay leads the party. The villains are arrested, and then in probably the creepiest moment in cinema history, Shay and Preston kiss on the lips. If this is romantic, the movie is wrong. This isn't romantic this is creepy on every level, and horrifying. I can imagine when parents took their kids to see this, they must have been shocked to see this scene. Shay continues the creepiness by saying she wants to see him in 6 to 7 years later. The FBI doesn't arrest her because? So the movie ends with Preston goes home to his family who celebrate his birthday obviously forgetting he lied to his family. Final Thoughts: I can't imagine why this movie passed as a family comedy. There are too many creepy moments, and the movie is rather mean spirited. The plot is predictable, the characters are flat, the family is negligent, the humor is dreadful, the romance is creepy, and it steals from Home Alone. The only good thing in this move was Juice. Blank Check will leave a blank feeling in you, and you are better off picking up Home Alone then waste your time and money with this.

Reviewed by ckmec-1 6 / 10 / 10

Former child star proves his worth in this light tale

Little Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) is down on his luck. He needs money. Badly. He attends a little brat's birthday party and after seeing all his big-spending friends and the birthday boy, decides it's time for a change. Now we know his own special day is approaching. His thrifty father provides him with an $11 check, and as he goes down to his local bank to cash it, a recently-released thief named Carl Quigley(played convincingly by Miguel Ferrer) runs over his little bicycle. Eager to avoid the police, Quigley gives the kid a blank check and takes off. The check has fallen into the wrong hands, as Preston fills it in for a cool $1m and what do you know, has no trouble cashing it! Things get worse for the boy after a spending spree, as the money will eventually disappear, and a certain someone will be longing for that fortune. I enjoyed Brian Bonsall's and Karen Duffy's little friendship, along with friendly limousine driver Rick Ducommun, but the plot is way too basic, and my opinion remains the same now, as it did in 1994, when I first saw the film.

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