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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ReelCheese 5 / 10 / 10

A '70s Anti-Masterpiece

Ever see a film that you knew deep down was bad, but you were able to suspend your usual beliefs about what a good movie should be and enjoy it anyway? Meet BLIND RAGE, a low-budget '70s anti-masterpiece. The plot is highly original, if not ridiculous. Five blind men are assembled to rob a bank in broad daylight. Why? Because who would ever suspect blind men of robbing a bank? (Well, there's a bit more to it than that, but I won't spoil it for you). The group of visually-impaired thieves (no, you've never heard of any of the actors) is carefully trained in a mock bank by the lovely Sally (Leila Hermosa, who later landed a coveted role in the highly acclaimed BONGGA KA DAY). But can they pull it off? Well, this is a dumb '70s movie, isn't it? BLIND RAGE isn't rife with so-bad-it's-good humor, but it certainly has its moments. I'll never forget the badly-dubbed scene where one of the blind dudes breaks up an attempted sexual assault by another. In a voice with about as much emotion as Eeyore before coffee, our hero orders the aggressor to "Get off her... sex hungry bastard." Then there's the hilarity of desperate producers trying to pass this off as a Fred Williamson actioneer. They don't tell you that Freddy doesn't show up until about the last 20 minutes (though he is vintage cigar-chomping Williamson once he finally arrives). If this review has at all piqued your interest in BLIND RAGE, you're definitely a candidate for enjoying it. (Though you'll probably have to scour eBay to find it).

Reviewed by udar55 8 / 10 / 10

"No one would ever suspect blind men of robbing a bank!"

Banker Johnny Duran (Charlie Davao) gets in on a bank job offer from criminal Lew "My friends call me Wilbur" Simpson (B.T. Anderson) that is too bad to be true. Simpson wants to have five blind men rob a bank of $50 million dollars. Why? See the above quote. Well, I guess that settles it. They assemble the global blind crew - Triad member Lin Wang (Leo Fong), US gangster Willie Black (D'Urville Martin), magician Anderson (Dick Adair), Filipino Ben Guevara (Tony Ferrer) and blind matador (!!!) Hector Lopez (Darnell Garcia) - and get trained by teacher for the blind Sally (Leila Hermosa) in a bank mock up. Seriously. The job goes off perfect before Ben is suspected ("Hey, I've got this blind guy in my files") and provides cinema's quickest ratting out of partners ever. Everyone expect Duran is killed in a huge explosion (their next grand idea was to sneak into the airport by hiding inside a gas tanker actually carrying gas!). Duran makes it to Los Angeles at the 70 minute mark where Jesse Crowder (Fred Williamson) is waiting to take him down. Makes the bank robbing dogs concept in THE DOBERMAN GANG (1972) look credible in comparison. You have to love any film that adopts such a ridiculous concept and follows through on it. I mean, there is seriously a line where Duran says, "Alright, let's start by synchronizing your Braille watches." The crooks could have had the same success rate and saved some time if they just barged in with guns a blazin' rather than take the time to train a bunch of blind guys. The film is all over the map - literally, as they shot in the US, Mexico, Japan and the Philippines. I'd love to hear the financing stories on this. Williamson shows up as an afterthought, only appearing on screen for about ten minutes. Director Efren C. Piñon also worked with Leo Fong on ENFORCER FROM DEATH ROW (1978).

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

Gloriously ridiculous 70s grindhouse trash

Five blind guys -- erstwhile assassin Lin Wang (chubby wonder Leo Fong), bitter electronics expert Ben Guevara (solid Tony Ferrar), suave former mobster Willie Black (a divinely hip D'Urville Martin), magician Anderson (Dick Adair), and matador Hector Lopez (Darnell Garcia) -- are rounded up by shifty criminal mastermind Johnny Duran (a nicely slimy portrayal by Charlie Davao) to pull off a daring bank heist. Our sightless quintet are whipped into shape by sultry trainer Sally (fetching Leila Hermosa). Competently directed by Efren C. Pinon, with a deliciously silly script by Fong and Jerry O. Tirazona, a steady pace, a funky-throbbing score by Tito Sotto, a ludicrously serious tone, plain, no-frills cinematography by Benjamin L. Lobo, a welcome last reel appearance by the great Fred Williamson as rugged private eye Jesse Crowder, and a perfectly grim nobody wins bummer ending, this endearingly absurd item certainly does the trick as an entertainingly inane piece of chintzy low-grade schlock. The story blends nifty elements of chopsocky and blaxploitation into a tasty synthesis while the globe-trotting locations which include Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas add an extra exotic flavor. Among the hilariously campy highlights are the grueling and extensive training session the blind guys undergo for the big gig, Willie Black attempting to rape Sally, the positively sidesplitting (and pretty exciting) bank robbery, and the blind dudes choking on fumes and drowning in petrol while trapped in a gas tanker. A complete cruddy riot.

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