Blood Work


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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April 9, 2019



Anjelica Huston as Persis Bosworth-Tennyson
Dylan Walsh as Spencer Crowe
Jeff Daniels as Tim O'Hara
Rick Hoffman as Mr. Blither
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 5 / 10 / 10

Good entertainment, it's a little-known movie but it has its value.

I never knew the work of Clint Eastwood very well, neither as an actor nor as a director. I've seen some movies directed or starred by him, but he's usually one of those actors/directors that I've never paid attention to. It's a mistake, I know, and I am willing to correct that. He's one of those people who know cinema with an intimacy and proximity reserved for very few and it was with great pleasure that I watched him in this film, where he accumulates the functions of director and protagonist. The story is simple, but it works quite well: a retired police officer, who received the heart of a murdered donor, is invited by the donor's sister to investigate the crime. However, he quickly realizes that her death is linked to a serial killer he was trying to arrest when he fell ill. Of course, there are some details that I found unrealistic, such as the simple fact that a family member of an organ donor is able to identify, by chance, one of the patients who received those organs. I cannot imagine this happening in real life. But if you decide to ignore these details, the plot works and creates an effective and elegant thriller. There are good action scenes, but they are punctual and may not satisfy the appetite of those who seek it. Clint Eastwood showed remarkable agility, given his age and even anticipating, as is often the case, the use of stunts. And besides, he adapted perfectly to the character and to what he asked of him as an actor. Jeff Daniels also deserves congratulations. He has a character that begins by looking totally insignificant, but ultimately proving to be important. I don't want to say what's going to happen, I'll just recommend you to keep an eye out for the way he talks and behaves. Wanda de Jesus fulfilled what was asked of her, and gave the film a romantic and feminine touch. Ultimately, this movie is worth for the good performance of the actors and the good plot. It is not the best movie of any of those involved, but it has value for what it is, allowing us an hour and a half of good entertainment.

Reviewed by newjersian 6 / 10 / 10

The magnificent rise and tragic fall of Clint Eastwood

This movie is an insult to viewers' intelligence. Almost every scene is so implausible and childish that I couldn't believe it was directed and produced by the great Clint Eastwood. At the beginning of the movie a policeman warns Eastwood, who is now a retired FBI agent, that making investigations without private detective license is a crime in California. However, Eastwood not only investigates without a proper license. He's also shooting at some car that just stands across the street. He also shoots at his neighbor. Later he gravely wounds him, and Eastwood's new girlfriend helps to submerge the wounded man into the water to finally kill him. This is apparent first degree murder, and the pair commits crime after crime while the viewer should believe that they will get no punishment for that. The most funny thing Eastwood-director pulled out with the mysterious code that the murderer leaves for him. Specialists tried to crack it. It was run on the FBI computer. Everybody came out empty handed. But a little child just looked at the code and immediately found the solution which later helped to apprehend the killer. What a pity! And this is the famous Clint Eastwood?

Reviewed by fjk1138-731-161881 6 / 10 / 10

Generally good movie

If it weren't for the obvious identity of the killer (I saw it coming a mile away), this was an otherwise well acted and well done Eastwood movie. The story takes its time to develop but does not drag. Seeing Eastwood play a character with a heart condition was an interesting change of pace for him. And Paul Rodriguez was completely annoying beyond words, but this is nothing new for him. It's too bad that the last 20 minutes falls into the typical Hollywood ending, otherwise this could have been a top notch crime drama.

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