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Deborah Shelton as Madeline Grice
James Earl Jones as Lawrence
José Ferrer as Alfred Davidson
Martin Kove as Lou Clayton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-kay 5 / 10 / 10

The Sea Monster from the underwater cave

**SPOILERS** Drawn to the Greek island of Synanon in the Aegean Sea young and pretty, as well as virgin, Madeline,Deborah Shelton, inadvertently with the help of Frye, James Earl Jones,and his girlfriend Barbara, Lydia Cornell, releases from a hidden underwater cave an ancient monster who goes on a bloody rampage. Killing islanders on the Island as well as those swimming off shore. Were told by the wise old men of the Island, from it's mayor on down, that the only way to stop the monster from it's deadly rounds is to offer up a young girl or woman virgin as a sacrifice to it. Arriving on Synanon earlier in the movie is Nell,Martin Kove, Madeline's brother and Sherry,Mary Louise Weller, his wife who are going both on their honeymoon and looking for the elusive Madeline who hasn't been seen or heard from for almost four months. Thinking at first that the story of the Sea Monster is a lot of hogwash Nell Shelly and especially Fray become believers when a number of women end up missing,including Barbara, and later are found washed up on shore dead, and in pieces, as a result of the monster's actions. Fray who was both cool and collective and very sure of himself flipped out when he later saw the monster devourer an Island woman who was trying to save her daughter, who fell into the water, and becomes a hopeless drunk. Seeing her call in life, by uncovering a hidden ancient painting, Madeline prepares to offer herself up to be killed and eaten by the Sea Monster in order to stop the slaughter. The monster went as far as attacking a church killing all the nuns except the Mother Superior Sister Anna, Llia Kedrova, who was badly injured. In the end Frye who released the ancient monster for it's cave destroyed it, as well as himself,by blowing it to shreds with modern explosives. The acting in "Blood Tide"is far better then the story itself with top-notch actors James Earl Jones as the self-centered adventurer Frye. Jose Ferrer was very good as the Islands mayor Nerevs who knew more about what was going on then you at first would have thought. Besides the very good acting the scenic and breath-taking photography of the Greek Island and the surrounding Aegean Sea kept you awake and observant of what was happening on screen even though the very flimsy and mediocre story didn't.

Reviewed by talisencrw 1 / 10 / 10

An occult thriller not nearly as bad as its IMDb rating!

For a low-budget, occult thriller, 80's-era B-movie, I really enjoyed it, though I love occult thrillers as guilty pleasures. The direction is unexceptional but decent, the cinematography (easy, because of the gorgeous locales and mostly outdoor shooting) was surprisingly very good and the soundtrack was passable. I loved the casting, with Martin Kove (from The Karate Kid trilogy), James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer (who always makes a great nasty, what with his cosmopolitan look, like Anthony Quinn, and his condescending, 'I'm better than you, and why do you think you can even exist on the same planet as me?' sneer and attitude), and, of course, the gorgeous women. Though the special effects were low-budget and quaint, they worked on this scale, and how they were executed. There's gratuitous nudity and sex at every conceivable opportunity (and a lot of inconceivable ones!) and even incestuous overtones, so it's terrifically entertaining, if not a cinephilic masterwork. In short, it's worth a look, especially if you enjoy B-movies and occult thrillers, particularly from the 80's. It's both free online, or I found my copy in my legendary Mill Creek 50-pack, 'Nightmare Worlds'.

Reviewed by Coventry 1 / 10 / 10

Luke, I sacrifice virgins...

This is a totally unique movie! Yes…UNIQUE!! And why? Because it has the most promising and potentially great sounding plot, about the sacrifice of young female virgins to a hideous sea creature on a remote island community, and yet somehow it manages to be an extremely boring and totally uneventful film! Is that unique or what? I watched this movie less than 12 hours ago and I already have a hard time remembering what went on, actually. It has a bunch of uninteresting people, among them James Earl Jones, gathering on this peculiar island to search for a missing girl. She's there all right, but so is a freshly resurrected sea monster the natives are forced to feed virgins to! After that, I kind of lost track of the plot. Though that doesn't really matter, as nothing happens. The characters talk and talk and talk…and, occasionally, they throw around cats for some reason. There are no gory death sequences or cool sea monster designs, not even a bit of delightful sleaze. The monster is hardly shown on screen and when it is (for about 5 seconds) it looks like the most ugliest sock puppet ever. James Earl Jones' imposing voice is usually joy to listen to, expect when he exclusively talks nonsense like it is the case here. It must have been weird for those few unlucky people who saw "Blood Tide" at the cinema back in 1982. The Star Wars movies were hugely popular and Jones' powerful voice was automatically linked to the image of Darth Vader. Can you imagine Vader to jibber about the cheesy sea creatures, ancient Greek myths and virgin sacrifices? Do your brain a favor and skip this film...

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